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When you are upset, hurt, and feeling lost, usually playlist containing the saddest songs will always be played to represent your feelings.

There is a large selection of the saddest songs that you can play. From Indonesian songs, Western songs, even Korean songs that are on the rise because of the K-Pop fever around the world.

Although it can’t really help reduce the sadness that can come and go, at least listening to the saddest song can make you feel relieved and less burdened.

Here are recommendations for the saddest songs that can be added to your playlist . Come on, take a look!

Indonesia’s Saddest Song

The meanings that we can immediately understand make the following recommendations for the saddest Indonesian songs suitable to describe the feelings of Moms who are not feeling well.

  1. Agnez Monica – Keep it up

Feelings that are never considered and are always wrong are really unpleasant. Moreover, if what makes you feel this way is your loved one.

Through this saddest song from Agnez Monica, Moms will be invited to share the same feeling.

It’s okay to cry while listening to a song that you feel is right for your heart. It will make you feel more relieved, right?

  1. Glenn Fredly – Endless Sadness

The next saddest song is from Glenn Fredly which was released in 2011.

This song tells about feelings that can’t change, even though the couple already has a new soulmate.

Although the days of the ex-lover already seem happier, but it actually makes a sad heart that will never end.

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  1. Sincerely – Goodbye

Tulus is well known for his various works that have touched anyone who hears his songs. One of the Tulus songs that you can listen to when you are sad is Saying goodbye.

This saddest song tells the story of two lovebirds who have to end their relationship for some reason. However, one of them still explained that they can still meet and do fun things, but the difference is that they are no longer in a love relationship.

  1. Fiersa Besari – Wrong Time (Ft. Thantri)

In a relationship it is not always both parties who take part in a problem.

The saddest song on this one, Fiersa explains that maybe it’s just the wrong time for you and your partner.

Therefore, it is better to stop blaming each other and also hurting each other. Maybe what is needed right now is just a little more appropriate time to be happy with the idol of the heart.

  1. Maliq & d’Essential – Untitled

The story of a one-sided love has succeeded in making anyone who listens to this saddest song cry.

Sometimes as a person who loves alone, you definitely want to be loved just as much as your feelings for him. However, what can you do, everything can’t be forced when it comes to matters of the heart.

To listen to it use earphones. You can get mp3 download sites.