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Android voice editing application is an application that is widely used for processing voice recorded using Android. However, the resulting recordings often experience unsatisfactory results, problems that often occur such as the sound produced from the recording is less loud or less clear.

Usually to edit this sound requires a special skill in editing the recorded sound, but here we don't need to need special skills in editing the recording sound because currently Google Playstore has provided an application to help you in editing the Android sound, of course.

But before we edit the mp3 audio, you should first download it from Youtube using the Tubidy , we can download mp3s easily and for free.

To help friends who need a sound editing application on Android, see the description of some of the Android voice editing applications below:

  1. Audio MP3 Cutter Mix Converter and Ringtone Maker

This application can be used by friends in processing recorded sounds on Android. Besides being used to cut MP3 songs, this application also has several features that are capable and professional in editing sound, ranging from Audio Mixing, Merge Audio, Tag Editor, Audio Converter and others.

Oh yes, this application is also very good at maintaining sound quality after editing the sound recording from this android application. So even if the sound is cut or combined, the sound produced from the edits will still be of good quality.

  1. PocketBand

This android voice editing application called PocketBand is a sound editing application that is not inferior to the sound editing application on the Playstore now. In this application you can mix audio by changing the ringtone from a recorded sound or a song or sound added from various musical instruments such as Bass, Guitar and others sound effects.

This application also provides a Recorder feature that allows you to directly make recordings from this PocketBand application. After that you can edit the sound by improving the quality of the sound and adding the sound effects you want so that the results can be more interesting and pleasant to hear.

  1. Lexis Audio Editor

This Lexis Audio Editor application is a sound editing application on Android that has a pretty perfect interface, this application has features that can change the tempo, speed to pitch control.

This Lexis Audio Editor application is brought to you by pamsys which provides 10 types of equalizer bands that have different sound characteristics. So with this feature you can enter the audio sound effects you need.

For sound editing applications, this one has more than 5 million downloads, almost supports various audio formats ranging from .WAV .MPA .AAC .FLAC .WMA and many more of course.

  1. Media Converter

This Media Converter sound editing application functions to convert sound to various audio formats such as .MP3, .MP4, .AAC, .MPEG, .FLV, .WAV and so on. This application can also cut the audio to determine the Duration Start (Duration Start) and Duration End (Duration End).

For those of you who want to get good and clear sound quality, you can use this application by using the 320kbps audio bit rate option.

5.Audio Recorder and Editor

This audio recorder and editor application as a function for sound recording also has reliable features in editing sounds such as adding effects, converting, cutting sound, and editing sound to make it high quality.

This Audio Recorder and Editor can combine two different audio recordings to make one audio sound. So that by combining two audios you can directly adjust the sound quality, adjust the pitch and speed to the audio volume.

  1. WapePad Audio Editor Free

The WapePad Audio Editor Free application is one of the best sound editors on Android because it has many advanced and professional features. This application has an interface that is pleasing to the eye and is quite perfect like audio editing software on a computer in general.

Just like other android sound editing applications, this application is able to carry out an easy and fast editing process, and is very easy to use to improve the sound to make it better and clearer.

  1. Timbre: Cut, Join, Converter MP3 Video

This sound editing application is an android sound editing application that you deserve to try, because this Timbre application can combine sound, convert audio or video, cut sound more simply.

This Timbre application is also able to ensure that the compressed output file has a small size but still maintains the quality of the resulting audio sound intact and of course good.

Well, that was a list of the 7 best Android Voice Editing applications that admin can explain in this article post.

All the features of the voice editing application on Android are quite reliable, especially for editing audio, from cutting audio, combining audio, converting audio to improving sound quality that is good and clear. First of all, hopefully the information will be useful.