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Just how to choose paint-free board? Original post: Wed 12/15/2021 at 4:07 AM
Paint cost-free board is constructed from based man-made board and also ended up paper which has finish externally, no demand to repaint again after set up as furniture or floor. Because of the excellent surface area design and great resistance from multi layers of ornamental surface paper, paint-free plate both have remarkable appearance and piece de resistance.

Furthermore, the paint-free board is still cheaper than the solid real timber grain plate, less formaldehyde than the repainted plate. Consequently, the paint-free board is very popular on the market, comes to be the fad of residence design.

Just how to select paint-free board comes to be a crucial question from home decor. Here I will lead you to select the paint-free board from 4 components.

1. Pick paint-free board from it odor

Why do we need to smell the paint-free board?

Usually, the dangerous chemical making materials of board have pungent smell, which shows over weight formaldehyde. We understand excessive formaldehyde is unsafe to our health and wellness, specifically for youngsters, we need to pay more interest on formaldehyde quantity.

Therefore, can take use of this pungent odor to find out the more than weight formaldehyde veneer.

The bad paint-free board has a poignant scent, suggesting the amount of formaldehyde exhaust Gone beyond.

Of course, you would better to consult the seller reveal you assessment report. If he doesn t have any kind of report, it is not advised to get.

2. Deformation of the paint-free board

The degree of deformation of the paint-free board likewise shows whether the top quality is excellent or not. From this factor, you can touch the surface of the paint-free plate with your hands to feel the flatness of the entire plate, whether it is smoothness, whether it is disproportion.

If you feel excellent when you discuss home plate, you also can push the board to see whether it contours. To excellent paint-free board, it has stringent requirement for thickness, with good filling capacity, will certainly not easy to curve if you press it.

3. Whether the decorative paper is firmly attached to the timber

Inspect the fitting level of decorative paper and based timber is sensitive to the general look and the difficulty of handling.

Consequently, you need to inspect whether the ornamental paper externally of paint-free board is securely attached to the timber.

Detection method:

Usage super glue to stick a tiny piece per square decimeter and also draw it hard to see if the paper is carried out. Or twist the random sample with your hand, whether you can bend off the leading paper.

4. The surface area of the board

Close to of the top quality of based timber plate, we additionally need to inspect the quality of ornamental surface area paper.

Consequently, we need to examine whether the surface area of the board is brilliant as well as smoothness. The surface of great paint complimentary board has no problems such as blistering, imperfections, clinical depression, contortion, carbonization, and so on.

Whether the board edges are treated firmly without big voids.

Furthermore, the qualified paint-free boards are attached with the seller s anti-counterfeiting trademarks on the surface, and also the sides of the boards are marked with coding marks and stamps of qualified inspection.

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