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Jake's Night at The Hotel Original post: Thu 12/9/2021 at 11:33 PM
Hi, my name is Jake and this all happened to me when I was about 15 years old. For a few years I had been going through puberty and was quite horny just about all the time. I usually masturbated once a day, and since I had turned 15 maybe once every one or two days. Also, I guess I knew about sex, as most kids do now, I had learned about it from friends and TV. Well I guess now is when you could say the fun starts.
It was Monday, the first day of the school week, I hated school but this day turned out to be okay, I got my first real steady girlfriend, well sort of. See I had been going after Katie for a long time, I said to all my friends that this was because she was nice, (nice to look at maybe). Katie was a blonde with hair slightly past her shoulders, maybe 5' 6" with huge boobs for her age (with my experience now I'd say probably about a large sized C cup); she had the most marvelous face too, with electric blue eyes and the most innocently gorgeous smile. Her legs were long and sensuous and she had curves in all the right places. Her only downfall was that nothing much went on upstairs...if you know what I mean, and if you don't, it means she was kind of stupid. Well I had Katie in my 2nd hour study period, so I asked her then. She thought about it all period and told me at the end that she would go out with me, but I had to prove how much I really wanted her, with that she winked and left.

The next day during study period Katie wrote a pass to the bathroom and motioned for me to follow, of course I did. She walked me down the hallway into a door marked maintenance which I had never really noticed before, well she went in the room slightly before I did, and when I did get in I was greeted with a kiss and then as time progressed she led my hand up under her shirt to touch her boobs. Oh, they were magnificent, I had been dreaming of them and wanting to touch them and here I was playing with her already hard nipples while are tongues were wrestling. After a few minutes of this she reached down and pulled her shirt completely off breaking off our kiss for a minute, then she led my hand down the front of her unbuttoned pants and into her soaked panties, I swear I just about blew my load right there, this was the first pussy I had ever touched, and it was in the middle of school where anyone might find us. Even though that was my first time with one I knew what to do (mostly because of seeing and reading so much porn), I slowly slid my finger around her clit, and then moved it towards her opening, I teased her like this for a while and then slid my finger in, it amazed me how tight she was, from what I had heard and seen) she was somewhat of a slut. When she had enough of this she turned to me and said, "Your turn." I was already excited, she unbuttoned my pants and just about ripped off my boxers, (I didn't have a very large penis it was about 6 1/4" at the time) she looked at it and licked her lips like a little kid in a candy shop, and with that innocent look she started my first blow job. She slowly sucked on just my head and then she licked up from my balls to the very tip and then immediately started deep-throating it, oh it felt sooo good, I could feel her throat muscles contracting around my member and her tongue was circling my head, and then she started bobbing up and down and up and down, and when I was just about to blow my load, she stopped. I guess this meant she wanted me to get blue balls, but I didn't even care it had been heaven. She dressed winked and left, shortly after I came to my senses. I quickly whacked off a little to relieve myself and then dressed and got back to class where I had to give some lame excuse to the teacher about having a stomach ache.
During the rest of the day I couldn't get my mind off of Katie, how good it had felt and how much I wanted it to happen again. Right after lunch I got my wish. Katie had me sit by her friends at lunch ( now that was an experience, all her friends were the babes of the school, and all of them looked like they were eye fucking the hell out of me). After I had finished eating my pizza she took me by the hand and led me to the roof of the school, I had never been up there, but apparently she knew right where to go. She led me to a corner that was slightly secluded and then proceeded to take off all her clothes. Oh my God I was so excited, I didn't even know what to do, before today I had never even seen a naked girl in front of me, and now I didn't know what to do. She came to me and started kissing me again, that was wonderful and her body was pressed close to mine and I could feel her hard nipples against my skin. This turned me on immensely and I reached down between her legs and started to rub her clean shaven pussy. She moaned into my mouth and soon had me on the ground with her in a 69 position. She started giving me another great blow job going up and down on my engorged member using her tongue to circle around my head and contracting her throat muscles on my cock. This felt very good and I didn't know how long I was going to last, so I put all my thoughts on eating her out and making her feel as good as she was making me feel. So I started licking right above her pussy and then around it, slowly teasing her, I licked right up and down her slit and then on her clit a little bit. I then slowly spread her lips open and inserted my tongue into her. I had never tasted anything so good, I tongue fucked her slowly and then continued to lick her up and down. It was amazing and when she moaned the vibrations in her throat were too much to bear and I came in her mouth while she simultaneously orgasmed into my mouth. She swallowed every last drop of my cum and did it with a smile. Right after she had wiped all the cum off her face and licked it all off her fingers. She got dressed and told me, "I'm sorry but I don't think you're what I'm looking for."
I couldn't believe it, she had just given me head and let me eat her out and now this bitch had the nerve to tell me that I wasn't what she was looking for. Well I didn't even really care; I had gotten all that great attention and everything. Plus, I guess I really didn't think I could have a real relationship with her anyway.
I knew now though how much better having a girl giving you a hand job or blow job was then masturbating and I knew I was going to be getting a lot more of those. And I knew that I was going to be doing a lot more mauling of tits, and a lot more eating out girls.

That weekend I had been scheduled to go to a FFA conference for the state that I lived in. This sounds kind of gay, but it was either the conference or 3 weeks of detentions for punching out a guy who had given me a "wet willy." I knew exactly what I was going to do at this conference. I was going to introduce myself to all the girls there and flirt with them silly until they let me get what I wanted.

Well, we arrived at the M.F.E. FFA conference and I immediately started introducing myself to all the nice looking girls there. Almost at once I had met over 50 girls and had several numbers and everything. It was so unbelievable, in my hometown I could barely get anyone and here the girls seamt to be drooling over me. We had several class like sessions, and after that we had a choice of going to a dance or swimming. I chose swimming. My body was fairly good I was about 6' so I was pretty tall. I had really nice arm muscles from working out and working on a farm and I had about a 4 pack. I also had a nice tan from working on the farm in shorts and nothing else. After about an hour of swimming I had about thirty some girls all oggling me up, so I went up to several and threw them in the pool. After they got out ant toweled off four of them invited me to their room. Their names were Ellie, Kortney, Maggie, and Amanda. Amanda was by far the hottest of all of them and was a total knockout. Once in the room they all pulled out bottles of booze!! I was in total shock, booze was a big no-no on these trips, but hey alcohol and ladies, that’s good odds. I guess it was at this time that I was still in my swim trunks and that all the girls were still in Bikini's. Amanda was sitting next to me on one of the beds and she slowly moved closer to me. Here I thought that I was going to be the one that was doing all the seducing of the girls!! I guess she had other thoughts and pretty soon I was on the backboard with Amanda under one of my arms and soon Ellie was sitting right next to me on the other side. It was getting later and the rooms were getting checked so that males wouldn't be in females’ rooms and females wouldn't be in males’ rooms. I left for about an hour and got changed and allowed the girls some times to get changed too. When they called my room, I quickly went out got some cokes from the soda machine and made my way back to their room.

I went to the door and the door was opened by Amanda in nothing but bikini bottoms. Her top was lying on the floor, I was in shock, her tits were absolutely amazing!!! They were some (and some of the only I had ever seen) of the most beautiful tits ever!! She led me in the room were Ellie was in the middle of stripping from her bikini bottoms. I started making a tent in my athletic shorts that I was wearing. Immediately Maggie noticed this and came up and whispered in my ear, "Do we make you excited?"
"As excited as all hell,” I replied, "so are you all just teases, or do I get something more then just a show?" I replied.
"Oh, I'm sure that all of us well be giving you more then just a show." She casually said back. Just then the adjoining room door opened and in walked several more beautiful ladies in various states of clothing.
Soon I was introduced to Jessie (a short blonde wearing only a bikini top), Amelia (a medium sized black haired girl with amazing tits), Lindsey (a really stunning knockout brunette wearing nothing at all!), and Amanda V. (she was by far even better then Lindsey and the other Amanda, I was in shock that someone this hott could possibly exist!)
After the all stripped out of all their shorts they introduced to me what they said was a very fun game, we all sit and act casual and the first one that makes any hint that we were all naked (except for me who was in athletic shorts only) had to run around the hall naked. Of course I happened to lose because I looked at all the girls and kind of just about started drooling. So, a deal was a deal, I took off my shorts, stripped out of my boxers, and away I went, out of the door, into the hallway. All of a sudden I heard a noise I snuck around the corner and saw one of the FFA. advisors getting ready to check the hallways, OH SHIT I thought, I'm out of luck!! Just then a door opened, and a middle school aged girl motioned me in. After the advisor had past, I thoroughly thanked the girls in this room and said that I had to go.

The four girls wouldn’t have any of this until I "payed them back for using their room." The insisted that I at least give every one of them an orgasm before I left, so I crawled up on one of the beds, one of the girls ( a tall Hispanic that was really hott) lowered herself on my cock while another laid her pussy over my mouth. I had thought mouths felt great, but oh my god!! That pussy on my cock was so unbelievable, I moaned and licked out the girl on top of me for all I was worth and soon she was cumming in my mouth, and a little after the Hispanic on top of me came. Right after, she jumped off of me I wanked off and gave her a nice cum bath all over her face and her small handful breasts. Then the other two had their go and a "thicker" girl named Jenna jumped on my cock and rode me for all she was worth while an almost anorexic 8th grader named Shannon had me lick her out. The Hispanic also joined in again by licking and sucking on my balls while I was screwing Jenna. I almost immediately blew my load in Jenna from all the pleasure and she came almost right away; I don't think she had much sexual experience. Shannon came because I opened my mouth wide while I blew my load and shoved my tongue as far into her as I could and then sucked out all the juices. Right after this I knew round two was about to start, so I got up and left.
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