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Xiaomi overtook Apple to become the top3 best-selling smartphone in the world There are 0 replies:
Xiaomi overtook Apple to become the top3 best-selling smartphone in the world Original post: Sun 11/1/2020 at 8:42 PM


International Data Corporation (IDC) released its global smartphone sales last quarter. It was found that the smartphone market is likely to recover from the COVID-19 epidemic, while also pointing out the popularity of each smartphone today, workpointTODAY. Will summarize what you see from this statistic for you to read

But considering the number of sales compared to last year, you can see that Huawei and Apple are a significant drop in sales of the smartphone brands. Huawei's sales dropped 22%, while Apple's sales were down 10.6%.

In Huawei's case, IDC sees it as a consequence of the US-China trade war that sanctions Huawei's products. At the same time, Huawei has also decreased in popularity in China.

In the case of Apple, IDC indicated that sales decreased compared to the previous year. Due to the delayed release of the iPhone 12, sales are not as much as last year. The best-selling iPhones are still the iPhone 11 and the iPhone SE family, which analysts believe that in the fourth quarter, Apple smartphone sales are likely to rise from new iPhone sales.

Apple's declining sales Also affect the ranking of smart phones selling well This made the Chinese smartphone brand Xiao Mi the third place, with sales increasing by 42% over the previous year.

Data from IDC show that Xiaomi has been successful in the smartphone market in India. Including in China, where Xiaomi's smart phone is very popular

Like Vivo, it ranks fifth in sales of smartphones due to its popularity in India. This is the second largest smartphone market in the world, with most Indian users preferring smartphones priced below 200 US dollars or about 6,200 baht.

As for the smartphone market owner, Samsung It has made a good market in India from smartphones priced under US $ 250 or about 7,700 baht, while also benefiting from online sales It has won the hearts of users in India along with the American market where Samsung still has high sales from the A Series family to the Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra

The IDC report analyzes that smartphone sales are likely to be higher in countries facing the severe COVID-19 outbreak, such as Brazil, Indonesia and Russia. Which is considered a very promising market

IDC states that the smartphone market is recovering from the COVID-19 crisis. Faster than expected Partly as a result of the resumption of the global economy. Including control measures for COVID-19 In many countries that have begun to relax


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