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Latest changes in CLAT Syllabus 2021-Everything you need to know! There are 18 replies:
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Re: Latest changes in CLAT Syllabus 2021-Everything you need to know! Posted: Wed 3/10/2021 at 1:55 PM, in reply to guest guest

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Re: Re: Latest changes in CLAT Syllabus 2021-Everything you need to know! Posted: Wed 3/10/2021 at 3:19 PM, in reply to guest guest

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The Wonderful Limitless Options to Study Now Posted: Sun 4/18/2021 at 3:03 PM, in reply to guest guest

This first factor brings with it significant change, and it is not just a question of changing teaching methods but also relational ones. Students find themselves virtually connected, each in their own home, to share the same topic and moment. If before they were used to being in crowded classrooms and perhaps with some whispering in the background, the teachers are now in front of a screen, in the same condition as the students. What is missing, therefore, is human relationship and communication. Of course, even in video lessons, it is possible to intervene and ask questions, but the interaction is less spontaneous; learning could be "passive," as the pupil is led to listen and not experiment (think, for example, of the embarrassment in seeing himself on the screen, hearing the sound of his own voice, the background of the screen, etc.).

The new Wave of Learning

Yet this modality is what has allowed us to move forward. Undoubtedly, an advantage of this innovative teaching is sharing material on the various clouds and immediately accessing online resources to explain the concepts. The OnlineClassDoer is the best option here, where the students get the chance to take the class offered by some of the best teachers.

However, technology does not solve all problems. Those who find it challenging to stay focused in the frontal mode are not facilitated in this way; the study method should not tend to undergo changes. By doing so, there is less possibility of experimenting and confronting the teacher. Those who need to try, experiment, and test concepts have difficulties with frontal teaching. Performance anxiety also increases with the use of technology. Think of the questions: the boys, not being in attendance, could be more agitated, which might not emerge from the video.

The evaluation is also unique:

The papers and the contents are released from the canonical tasks of traditional teaching. It is, therefore, necessary to take a step forward and make this didactic innovation in line with students' learning, starting from differentiating the methodological proposals and favoring personal resources.

Best Student Support Options

Supporting the student in this challenging moment is essential in order not to be in difficulty when schools reopen. In fact, it is likely that in September, there will be some gaps to be filled, and a work of consolidation of learning needs to be done. Encouraging this process now and intervening in support of children is of primary importance: finding an effective study method (both for online and face-to-face teaching) and having strategies to deal with difficulties will allow you to start over without feeling the pinch. Having points of reference is essential.


In a particular moment like the one that Italy and the whole world have been experiencing for a few weeks now, there are many issues that, parallel to the primary health emergency, emerge from an unusual status that sees us all relegated to our homes. Despite this, however, it was necessary to maintain a sort of continuity, albeit an unusual one, in order not to prevent the country system from completely blocking and, where effective intervention was possible, an answer promptly arrived. Among all, one area of education which, in the space of a few days, has literally revolutionized itself to allow millions of students of all ages to continue with their respective studies.


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Re: Re: Latest changes in CLAT Syllabus 2021-Everything you need to know! Posted: Sat 5/8/2021 at 6:43 AM, in reply to guest guest
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Speech analytics software Posted: Tue 5/18/2021 at 3:03 PM, in reply to guest guest

What is speech analytics?

Speech analytics is the process that uses robust AI programs to analyze voice recordings of customers on call at call centers and finds information using speech recognition software. This information is later used to ensure quality customer service. The software identifies words and audio patterns and analyses them to arrive at patterns of emotions and sentiment. It is reportedly one of the fastest-growing segments in call center management technology.


Real-time speech analysis software is sometimes used to provide predicted and scripted answers and sometimes also alert superiors when things go amiss. All this is derived from the callers' tone, speech, and inflection.


Post-call speech analytics are helpful in their ways. This transcribes calls into actionable data. It's also searchable as a speech engine does the analysis and converts the data into phonemes. This is now converted into an inventory and can be viewed via dashboards. 

How can you deploy speech analytics to enhance the customer experience in various industries?

The most crucial function of speech analytics is it is being used to coach call center agents. As they are trained to recognize certain trigger words, phrases, and expressions that may mean that the customer is dissatisfied or angry, they can try their best to make the experience better. The patterns identified can identify the exact places where the agent needs some additional training and help. And no matter what industry it is, customer loyalty is universally invaluable and desirable.

This helps collect and manage the customers' data to ensure that a customer is served the way they want to and appreciate. This is also an asset for all business enterprises. The better you know your customers, the more loyal they remain.

Speech analytic software can also be deployed to identify selling opportunities. By keeping track of the customers' conversations, a database about their consumer preferences and buying habits is also created in the volumes of information gathered in the recordings. This is, of course, used to market appropriate products to wanting customers.



The advanced intelligence that comes out of speech analytics can help discover coveted information about product, process, strategy, contact (call) center performance, and operational issues. It works as an unbiased report on the working of the enterprise from the side of their customers.


The information of words and phrases most commonly learned by the AI by isolating them can be valuable to supervisors and analysts. Even the trending up or down of the usage of particular words can be tracked, again extremely valuable to anyone who wishes to gain insight into the customer's minds and make consequent adjustments.


In the absence of speech analytic tools, it is very much possible that customers may end up being alienated. The reason behind using these tools is to "listen" to the issues and grievances and causes of customer dissatisfaction, and of course, communication is always vital.


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