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Brow linting - what's it and how is it done? Original post: Wed 2/9/2022 at 11:54 AM
It's the hottest new treatment that's been dubbed the "brow lamination" by all The words brow lamination and brow shaping are two words on every brow lover's lips. appear to be the proof of the pudding, with beautiful brows with a more full look without the need for expensive eyebrow make-up products. When you examine the photographs before and afterwards it's difficult imagine that the two pictures are similar to the natural brows of a person.

I decided to put the treatment to the testing in the name beauty journalism. I, after browsing through various Treatwell lists, I made an appointment for a treatment at Thea Beauty in London.

Check out the following article for everything that you need to know before you decide to try, including my photographs of my own before and following. After you've finished reading make sure you get more tips and tricks in our instruction on how you can get larger eyebrows.

What is brow lamination?

"Brow lamination is the process of straightening or lifting the hairs with the use of a chemical solution. This gives the hairs more flexibility for moving into your desired shape that covers any gaps , or spots that may be stray,' my therapist Thea clarifies.

After your natural brow hairs become straighter, an fixing solution is used to keep your hair straight and also a tint if desired. The result is fuller-looking brows that are held in place after they have been they are brushed back into shape. The process lasts about six weeks.

Before the procedure, it's imperative that you take your time to research the procedure to ensure your results are what you're seeking. Social media can be your friend for this - I picked Thea because her Instagram pictures show her work and reflected what I wanted in my brows.

What's the difference between brow lamination and microblading?

When microblading involves your therapist using semi-permanent dyestacks to make your eyebrows appear fuller, brow lamination straightens or lifts the natural hairs so that they can achieve a your brows looking full and feathered without tattoos.

If the first choice sounds more like you check out our guide to microblading for everything you need to know about the cost for aftercare, cost, and more

Brow lamination before and after

My natural eyebrows (left) do not seem to be quite as sparse that they ought to be but I'd never thought I was able to have enough hair to result in the "after" image above. The redness around my eyebrow as seen in the right-hand image is from having stray hairs that were waxed and tweezed. They dropped quickly when I left the salon.

Brow lamination following care

In the first 24 hours following your treatment, make sure to keep your eyebrows dry and keep them from touching. After that, Thea advised me to ensure that the area is moisturized using an oil or cream.

What's the price of Brow lamination cost?

Brow-laminations can range between PS45 or PS100. Prices will vary based upon the location of your home, who will be performing the procedure and if they charge for any additions, like tinting.

I'll definitely return for more brow lamination treatments in the future, to keep my brows looking full and feathered. It's not hard to see the results!

There are products that can give you the brow lamination look

If you're seeking to achieve the groomed look ahead of your appointment, these products are known for their ability to recreate the effects of the brow lamination.

White surgical marker

Created to mark surgical incisions/anatomical sites on the skin of patients prior the surgical procedure to ensure proper site surgery. Sterile and ready-to-use skin markers for surgical procedures include six" ruler and 6 sterilized labels. Various tip sizes available for different staff needs and/or the needs of a surgical procedure. Gentian violet ink has no allergenic properties and is non-toxic.
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