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My Sister the Cheerleader. Original post: Tue 12/7/2021 at 7:53 PM
My name is Jason. I am just a normal 17 year old teenager. I go to school, then to football practice, and then i come home. Usually i masturbate and then i go to work. I have a very good job for my age. I am a cook at one of the best restaurants in town, The Aloha Steakhouse. I make close to 16.00 per hour and know how to spend it.

Today was different than usual though. Coach had us stay after and do some laps so i didnt have time to do anything after i got home other than shower and go to work. Guys, you know what happens when a boy doesnt get a chance to release himself after staring at the short skirts at school all day. You are extremely horny.

At work i couldn't stop staring at the female servers, wearing their tight white shirts and blue jeans. Just watching this made me wanna go jack off, but obviously i cant. I finished up my shift exhausted because we were very busy, and headed home. I was so tired that as soon as i saw my bed, i fell asleep, no shower or nightly jack off at all.

i awoke the next morning feeling about as horny as you can possibly be. So i did the only thing i could think to do, jack off. I walked over to my computer. I had so much porn on there i had 2 300gb hard-drives full. I pulled out my baby oil and went to town. I didn't realize this was the morning my sister had her big cheerleading competition. She was getting ready for it in the bathroom across the hall and i could just see her in the mirror.

My sisters name was Jenni. She was the captain of the Junior Varsity Cheerleading team and was one year younger than me. She was one of the hottest girls in school and by far the hottest girl in her grade. She had shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes, and a very athletic form. She had size C breasts which were perfect for her body. She had a flat stomach, long tan legs, and an ass that attracted many stares from the boys in the hallway. Needless to say, she was the subject of many of my masturbations.

I noticed that she was wearing nothing but a black sports bra and the shortest possible athletic shorts girls could wear. That got my dick harder than rock candy. I immediately started jacking off while staring at my beautiful half naked sister through the crack in the door. She was so beautiful, i find it hard to believe her being a virgin. I was almost to my climatic point when i saw her eyes look at me in the mirror. The last thing i saw was the disgusted yet surprised look on her face before she slammed the door. I was so embarassed. I couldn't even concentrate anymore so i started playing half-life on my computer.


The days went by after my sister and i had our little incident. It had been weird around the house since then. We have barely made eye contact. Then one day i was laying in my bed watching the tv when she walked in my room and closed the door behing her. She was in her cheerleading uniform, im guessin she had just gotten home from practice. Boy was i wrong.

"Jason, i have a big cheer competition in a few days and i have some new cheers i've been working on, but i dont know if they are any good. Could you watch them and give me your honest opinion?"

Shocked, i of course said yea. I haevn't been able to speak to her for a few days now she wants to do cheers in front of me with that short skirt.

"OK, now dont forget be completely honest." she said.

She started doing her cheers and they wern't too bad. After about thirty seconds though, my mind began to wander. I couldn't help it, im a 17 year old boy with a gorgeous cheerleader jumping around my room. I started looking down towards the skirt to try and get a glimpse of her panties and what i saw next gave me the fastest hard on i ever had, she wasnt wearing any. For the first time since we were little i saw my sisters pussy and it was gorgeous. A small patch of hair over top of a beautiful tight crack in my sisters beautiful body frame. I had seen many pussys in porn but this one beat them all.

I couldn't believe my eyes. After she caught me jacking off to her she shows up in my room in a skirt and no panties. Did this mean anything. No it couldn't. There is no way my sister would be like that. No way in hell. But i couldn't help but wonder. Eventually she stopped doing her cheers and asked me for my opinion. I obviously said they were great, although i missed most of em trying desperately to see more of her beautiful pussy.

"Thanks, now whats your opinion of my new haircut?" she said.

I looked up and thought her hair looked the exact same as it always did. Puzzled i looked at her and she said "no, on my pussy, what do you think of my trim?"

I couldnt believe what i was hearing. My sister is not only showing me her pussy, but now shes asking me what i think about it. I couldnt answer so she decided to push me a little further.

"Well, maybe you didn't get a good enough look." She lifted up her skirt and walked up to my face, sticking her pussy in my face. I stared at i and finally got the courage to tell her how nice it looked.

She seemed very happy and gave me a big hug. What happened next can be blamed on hormones, the fact that she was gorgeous, or just that she was a cheerleader, but i reached up and threw my hands up under her skirt and grabbed her ass.

I heard her gasp and i yanked my hands away as fast as i could. She leaned back and looked at me with what i believe is the sexiest smile ever, and said "why did you stop, theres plenty more for you to explore down there." Without any hesitation, i threw my hands back under hir skirt and threw her onto my bed.

I lifted her skirt up to see the entire lower region of my sister and all of its glory. I couldn't help it anymore. I took my hands and slowly started rubbing her pussy. This is a moment i have been dreaming about ever since she started growing into her figure when i was 13. After a few minutes of rubbing her pussy, i slowly made my hands up to her chest. I started playing with her nice perky breasts while at the same time i felt her hand grasp my cock. I couldnt believe what i was about to do next, i decided to go for it. I unbottoned my pants, pulled them down and moved so my face was level with my sisters. I gave her a long deep kiss as i plunged my dick as deep into her already wet pussy as i could. I pounding it for a while while i continued to kiss her.

She eventually broke my kiss and showed me a side of her i had never seen. "You like that you little fuck, you like fucking a cheerleader. Yea i bet you do. Every guy wants to fuck a cheerleader. It probably makes it even better considering im your fucking sister doesnt it. I know you jack off to me all the time, the bathroom wasnt the first time i caught you. Your a dirty little fuck. Yea."

I couldnt believe my ears. Everytime i heard the word cheerleader and sister i felt my dick twinge with excitement. I was just about ready to explode.

"Im about to cum Jen, im gonna cum," I said. She quickly grabbed my by the shoulders and lifted me out of her.

"Cum all over me, from face to pussy, i've seen how much you can shoot, now throw it all over me."

I did exactly as she said. My first shot of sperm landed right on the right side of her face. I kept shooting and as i kept moving it down, she was rubbing it into her body like lotion. Finally i arrived at her pussy. I decided to do what i dreamt about so much, i stuck my dick in her and shot the remaining few drops against her pussy walls. As i pumped my last few drops in i fell to the side. I was exhausted.

We laid there for a few minutes and then she got up and got dressed. I thought she was gonna say something but she just walked out of the door. I layed there in disbelief over what had just happened. I lost my virginity to the captain of the Cheerleading squad, and my sister. Thats fucking incredible.

The Next night i was laying in my room, thinking about the night before when jennifer walked in again, but this time she had a friend with her. They were both in there cheerleading outfits and her friend was just as beautiful as she was.

" Jason, Krystal has to practice her cheers too, shes the co-captain. Do you think you can you watch us and tell us if you think she is ready for the competition too?"
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