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Five Great Advantages of Guest Blogging Original post: Wed 4/28/2021 at 4:26 AM

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Guest posting has become very popular these days as it is providing fresh voice to people and bloggers are getting more attention this way. This seems to be an interesting technique of attracting people and to increase the web traffic. Readers are appreciating this method as well because if the guest is an expert in the field the article becomes more interesting. There are few bloggers who are considering to use this feature on the regular basis.

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Learn to read and memorize Quran online Posted: Thu 10/7/2021 at 8:42 AM, in reply to guest guest

Learn to read and memorize Quran online

A wish that almost every Muslim dreams of is to learn to read Quran and then memorize it to be among the chosen ones who will be rewarded for this deed. 

You must be aware of many remote platforms that are occupied 24/7 to provide the facility of learning Quran for beginners and then memorizing it.

Skim through this article to learn about the distinctive aspects to scrutinize before enrolling for Quran classes online.

Highly qualified Quran memorization teachers.

If you are interested in hifz Quran for adults, do consider this aspect on priority. Look for an online school that provides highly qualified and experienced Quran memorization teachers who will take you through this course formally.

The Arab-based institutions are doing their best by providing native Arab tutors for online Hifz programs all over the world to help non-Arabs learn Quranic Arabic pronunciation easily.

Hidayah network is one of the kinds that is famous for facilitating learners with professional Quran tutors who are hired after strict tests and interviews.

Not only this, but they also provide the facility of male and female Quran teachers to cater to your needs if you want a gender-specific teacher.

Well-structured plan for learning to read Quran and memorization

If you want a result-based program for reading and memorizing Quran, look for someone providing well-structured and articulated plans to  learn to read Quran online.

Without a proper plan and program break down no one can reach the desired goals as you will stay astray as to when and how to finish the syllabus.

Hidayah network is lucky to have a team of professionals who are striving for their best to formulate customized plans of learning Quran online for the enrolled students so that they can have an idea of when and how they will reach their goals.

They use the best Qaida i-e Qaida Noorania and Noor Al-Bayan for beginners and make plans according to the age levels.

Unique techniques of online Hifz course.

Keep the fact in mind that with the old and orthodox rot learning techniques students of this era will get bored and even feel stressed out!

You need to pick up a school that is good at inculcating unique techniques in both basic Quran learning and memorizing.

These techniques include:

  • Showing visuals
  • Playing Arabic nasheeds (poems)
  • Dialogues delivery for the practice of letters
  • Show and tell sessions
  • Games with Arabic words
  • Picture recognition through Arabic letters 
  • Finding examples from the Quran
  • Reading out loud to check for mistakes
  • Use of colorful worksheets, and many more depending on the course you have opted for.

24/7 availability in an affordable fee for Quran hifz classes.

Technically speaking, Hifz classes for adults are difficult as it needs commitment and dedication both from the teacher and the student’s side. 

Sometimes, in online sessions, the students or the tutors are unavailable due to any specific reason and hence it disturbs your whole lesson plan for that day.

You will be happy to know that Hidayah institute offers 24/7 availability for Quran hifz classes. All you have to do is to choose the time that you think is best for your learning and let them know. 

They will arrange for a teacher that is available at your time. This round-the-clock reachability is hardly offered anywhere at highly affordable rates.

Keep these offers from this institute in mind and learn to read Quran online confidently.

Interactive classes to learn to read Quran.

The best Quran hifz school is the one that promotes interactive class routines and motivates its learners throughout the course time. 

Don’t let this aspect miss from your list as it holds utmost importance when it comes to quality-based learning.

Interactive Quran classes are supposed to have better results, positive environments, friendly student-teacher relations, and long-term retention.

So, uptick the institute that claims to have interactive classes and get enrolled without wasting your time.

Check out this web page to get amazed by the plenty of offers they are giving Hidayah Network.

Free trials to learn to read Quran online.

Yes, you have read it correctly! A free trial before the actual class is another key feature to keep into consideration. What if you get enrolled but after some classes, you feel like it is difficult to carry on with this teacher?

So, better to avail of a free trial first and choose your teacher wisely before the course starts.

You will be surprised to know that Hidayah online school offers 2 free trials with 2 different teachers to learn to read Quran so that you can have a choice to finalize which teacher you are more comfortable with.

Reports and certificates of Quran hifz for adults.

As a parent, you would definitely prefer to have a weekly report of your kids enrolled in an online hifz program. So, do consider this aspect too before selecting a platform to begin your Quran learning from.

There are some institutions that do provide a report on a weekly or monthly basis and give a certificate at the end of the course as it is essential to keep a record of the courses you have done formally through a verified institute.

The teachers at the Hidayah Network generate weekly reports of their students and discuss the weak points with them or their parents so that they can overcome those points. The certificates issued from this platform are signed by the administrator to ensure their originality.


In a nutshell, reading and memorizing Quran is an amazing decision that needs a little workout to find the best school for it. These afore-mentioned aspects would help you narrow down the platform that is offering innumerable features to learn to read and memorize Quran.


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