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How can I maintain my skin with the least amount of money? There are 0 replies:
How can I maintain my skin with the least amount of money? Original post: Thu 5/6/2021 at 7:00 AM

When I was also a student party! ! Seeing all kinds of big-name easy-to-use skin care products recommended online ! ! So I explored for myself find cheap and easy-to-use skin care products .

In addition, what I want to say is to use the least money to maintain the skin. This idea is too simple. We can spend the least money on skin care, but after all, it is not as good as the ladies’ products, so we still have to buy what we can. Skin care products that are more suitable for you . If you save a province when you usually eat, you will get a piece of money to buy skin care products.


Let me show you my skin after maintenance. Because I am white and don’t have too many acne marks on my face, I usually put on lipstick and eyebrows, or apply some makeup cream or something when I go out.

In addition to the spots that have been with me for decades, there are also two small acne marks, and there are almost no other skin problems.

Then I will share with the subject sister some of the cheap products that I think are easy to use, which ones are worth buying, and which ones don’t need to be pitted. Let’s talk about the four steps of exercise, cleaning, hydration and sun protection~


1. Exercise and diet

Since it is a student party, there will be more time.You can use your spare time to run on the playground. Participating in some clubsIt’s great to exercise and make friends~~ I usually do a plank in the dormitory before going to bed. When I was in college, I did planks with my roommates to see who persisted for a long time. This kind of competition can stimulate fighting spirit. In fact, there are many sports that can be done in college. Please learn more about it and persevere. , Your physical fitness will naturally go up, and your skin will be much better than before.


In addition, college students like to stay up late, let alone you, young people like to stay up late. But my poverty does not allow me to stay up late, I have to work hard to earn money! ! However, after not staying up all night, the skin is really less oily, and the body is much healthier. So I advise all student parties, don’t stay up late! Staying up late can make you happy during that time. Happiness is short-lived, and pain is long-lasting. For your body and skin, let's go to bed early OK?

Let’s talk about the diet of college students. When I was in college, I used to be spicy every day and fried skewers every day (very chic!), but I was really sick with it. Various skin conditions appeared on my face. on. If you can restrain yourself, try to restrain yourself, eat more vegetables, fruits, etc. Good diet plus reasonable exercise, who will become beautiful if you don’t change beauty?

If you don’t have too much money to buy skin care products, then you have to move. There is a saying that you can’t have both fish and bear paws! I won't say too much, Try to do your best! !

Second, clean

Students’ party sisters have less funds, so they may just use a facial cleanser to wash their face every day and they will be done. Sometimes they don’t even wash their face, thinking that it can protect the skin if it is not clean. This is a big mistake. Wrong!

I recommend two cheap and large bowls of amino acid facial cleanser, its cleansing power is completely OK for cleaning students' daily light makeup!

Dove Amino Acid Facial Cleanser 59 yuan/bottle (I repurchased five or six bottles, it is convenient to press the pump head, the cleaning effect is also good, and it is not tight after washing)


makeup remover products

makeup remover products must have , Don’t think that the facial cleanser can completely take away the foundation makeup! Facial cleanser has extremely low makeup removal ability. If you do not remove makeup and remove it cleanly, then you have to spend more money to take care of your skin! Clean it well even to save money!

For dry skin, choose cleansing oil/ointment, which can protect the skin from the abrasion of the cleansing cotton. For oily skin, choose cleansing water. Cleansing products containing oily ingredients will be greasy and heavy when used, and are not suitable for oily skin. Use; finally, for sensitive skin, use non-alcoholic makeup remover products, preferably oil/cream/cream.

When using makeup remover, gently wipe the skin with a cotton pad, otherwise your skin's stratum corneum will be damaged!

Share a few cheap, medium-cleaning makeup remover products~

BYPHASSE Deep Cleansing Liquid Reference Price: 70

Pond's Clear Cleansing Oil Reference Price: 50

You can choose your own skin type and economy In case of the situation, the subject can choose makeup remover to remove makeup. The subject must be clean in place! Because your skin loves to develop acne and it is still oily!

3. Moisturizing

The student party is very young and envy~~~ For girls with younger skin age, you can do basic skin care now. The main function of your skin care products is to replenish water. Senility and firmness are not in your touch. After girls reach the age of 25, they can start using anti-aging and anti-wrinkle.

Moisturizing and moisturizing, let's let water lotion and creams do it; whitening, spot-lighteniarmani jeans homme 2021,armani jeans ng, and acne removal let the essence do it!

Let’s talk about lotion first. It is the first step of our basic skin care. The student party chooses about 200 which is reasonable when choosing the price. Recommend a few refreshing, non-sticky, cost-effective lotions~~

Hada Labo Extreme Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion Reference Price: 140 set

Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Water Set Reference Price: 170 set


Although you Young, but our eye skin is tortured every day, such as rubbing the eyes, watching videos, etc. So we must use eye cream , you can choose eye cream with only moisturizing effect, wait until around 23 to choose anti-aging. Eye creams to remove dark circles are also okay, but functional skin care products are more expensive than those with moisturizing effects. So, for the sake of money, we go to bed early to avoid heavy dark circles, so we don’t have to Spend money to get rid of ~~

AHC Eye Cream Fifth Generation Eye Cream Reference Price: 115

Bareya Roll-On Moisturizing Eye Cream Reference Price: 79

Essence I think it is necessary, even if you don’t have a lotion, you must have it Essence, it is best to buy essence for a large part of the budget!


Because the molecules of its active ingredients are very small, the essence can penetrate deep into the dermis of the skin to play a repairing effect, for the already clean skin, it is equivalent to infused with thick nutrition without hindrance Like soup, thirsty skin cells are quickly nourished! So it is an indispensable and important step in daily skin care! Finally, the nutrient content of the essence needs to be locked by the cream to protect the skin's surface nutrients from being easily lost.

The little sister can choose moisturizing essence, if you need whitening, choose whitening essence.

Daiso Whitening Essence Reference Price: 30+

Transparent Hyaluronic Acid Stock Solution (I used a whole bottle, the skin is indeed a lot softer, and daily moisturizing and moisturizing is enough) Reference Price: 60+

L'Oreal small black bottle Amazon always has activities, buy 30 and get 30ml free) Reference price: 200+

These models are relatively cost-effective, and they are enough for basic moisturizing!

Next is the face cream. We should use it for dry skin in winter, and don't use it in summer; don’t use cream for oily skin, it is easy to clog your pores, so choose a refreshing one.

Epeilan Yeren Water Cream: Reference price: 70+


When I was in the student party, I only used water lotion and added a cream in winter. But at that time I was ignorant and didn't know much about skin care. I think the essence is the top priority! Eye cream is also possible!

In addition, the subject loves acne, and the student party does not have too much money to buy skin care products for acne. You can choose to buy ointments at the pharmacy. For example, ointments such as tretinoin cream or clindamycin have a certain healing effect on acne, but it can't be applied frequently, it will cause drug resistance! It is recommended that the sister of the subject ask the doctor to choose the ointment on the face.

Four. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is no matter whether you are young or old. It is best to apply it when you want to start skin care, or even earlier. Ultraviolet rays can cause irreversible damage to your skin, can cause spots, wrinkles, and accelerate skin aging.

In addition to natural aging, there is also the problem of photo-aging. As the skin is damaged by long-term exposure to sunlight, the skin is rough, thickened, loose, deep and thick wrinkles, local hyperpigmentation or telangiectasia, and even various benign or malignant tumors may appear. It can be seen that light aging is more terrible than natural aging! ! Are you aware of the importance of sun protection? ? ?

Biore AQUA Aqua Sunscreen (repurchased a lot of sticks, the texture is not greasy, but also fragrant) Reference price: 60+

Thailand Mistine AQUA Aqua Sunscreen (Body Sunscreen) Reference Price: 60 +

Thailand Mistine AQUA clear water sunscreen (face sunscreen)

When the sun is very full in summer, it is best to buy a sun umbrella to block the strong ultraviolet rays! In addition to the face in summer, sunscreen should also be applied to the body! !

I hope that the students of the student party will take good care of their skin care and build a good foundation to become more and more beautiful. Don't think that you can indulge yourself at will when you are young. You will regret it in the end, right? Women still have to be nice to themselves!

I have answered a lot about the beauty of skin care. Little fairies can go and see!

How to improve the dull complexion?


How to remove dark circles?


What is your longest-lasting beauty habit?


How to remove blackheads on the nose?

Babies who like me sharing, give me a little caution in the lower left corner, as a sign of encouragement, okay? I wish all babies good luck and happiness~~~ I love you~

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