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Depression vs sad feelings How are they different? There are 6 replies:
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Depression vs sad feelings How are they different? Original post: Thu 11/5/2020 at 9:02 PM



There are many people who experience sadness or depression at some point in their lives. But some people may think they are in depression. In fact, depression and sadness. There are differences. Going to see a doctor is the best solution. Let's take a look at that. Depression and sadness How is it different? Hello. Doctor has this story for each other.


Get to know depression and sadness.

Knowing and understanding the differences between the two can help a person recognize when to see a doctor. To make an appropriate diagnosis and treatment



Depression is a serious mental disorder that joker123 affects many lifetimes and can occur in people of all genders and ages.It can change one's behavior and attitudes.As of 2015, about 16.1 million people in the United States aged 18 and older had at least one major depressive episode in 2014, accounting for 6.7 percent of all adults in the country. By various symptoms Of depression include


Feeling of discouragement

Lack of motivation
Loss of interest in activities that individuals have previously found fun


In extreme cases, the person may miss or attempt suicide. They may no longer feel the urge to spend time with family or friends. May stop hobbies Or feel that you cannot go to work or school If suspicion occurs and these symptoms persist for more than 2 weeks, a healthcare professional may diagnose: The person has Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), the symptoms of depression include:

Regularly depressed mood Which was like that most of the day With symptoms of despair And visibly sad
Loss of interest in normal activities over a long period of time
Significant and unintentional weight loss or gain
Insomnia Or increased sleep Until affecting the normal schedule
Feeling tired and low energy
Feelings of worthlessness or guilt too much each day
Inability to concentrate or make decisions
Have repeated thoughts of dying Or have attempted or planned suicide


A doctor will consider a person who has had at least five of the aforementioned symptoms for more than 2 weeks as having a more serious illness. Sad mood for a long time


Diagnosis of depression

Doctors only link symptoms to depression. It will not be linked to other medical diagnoses such as substance abuse. Or underlying condition Which is different from sadness Depression forces the patient to make great efforts to get through the day. But sadness is only one component of depression.


Sad feeling

Sadness is a normal human emotion that everyone experiences during times of stress or sadness. Many life events can cause people to feel sad or unhappy, the loss of a loved one, a divorce, the loss of a job or income. Financial problems Or problems at home All affect negative emotions Failing exams, failing jobs, or experiencing other frustrating events. It can cause sadness as well.

However, people who are sad can often find relief from crying, expressing their emotions, or speaking of their frustration. Often times, sadness is associated with a specific trigger. Sadness often passes over time. If not, or if the person is unable to work normally It can be a sign of depression. If your mood worsens or lasts more than 2 weeks, see your doctor.


Difference between depression and sadness

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADDA) has noted that Depression is one of the most common mental health pain in the United States. Feelings of sadness are an important part of depression. Which are different It could be said that Depression and sadness Are connected But not the same Sadness is an emotion that anyone can be. It usually happens after a stressful or grieving life event. Depression is a serious and ongoing mental health disorder. Which can have a big impact on our daily life

Specific triggers often cause sadness. While depression may not have an identifiable cause. Sadness is a common part of depression. But it was only temporary If sadness lasts for a long time This could indicate the development of depression.Therefore, to see a doctor to get an accurate diagnosis. Therefore it is the most appropriate thing to do If you suspect that you have symptoms of depression.

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Re: Depression vs sad feelings How are they different? Posted: Thu 7/8/2021 at 9:24 AM, in reply to guest guest

It's interesting, thanks!

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Re: Depression vs sad feelings How are they different? Posted: Tue 8/10/2021 at 3:31 AM, in reply to guest guest

For me, the main difference between sadness and depression is that sadness is a temporary phenomenon, and depression can last for a long time. And it's not always easy to get out of this state. Sometimes I even have to seek help from specialists. I use this source of online therapy, and it’s a lifesaver for me. Interesting to know how others deal with depression. Is it possible to get rid of this on your own and without help?

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Re: Depression vs sad feelings How are they different? Posted: Tue 8/24/2021 at 3:36 AM, in reply to guest guest <a href="https://im

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Re: Depression vs sad feelings How are they different? Posted: Tue 8/24/2021 at 3:37 AM, in reply to guest guest

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