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jordan 1 dropped today Original post: Mon 7/13/2020 at 12:20 PM

Colin, I would agree with you on Jordan's game was a lot more fun to watch, but LeBron is also a media/ratings go getter as well! As for the shoe sales, there have been 33 pair of Jordan's dropped to date. Additionally, when you add the variety of color ways along with THE CRAZE created behind the shoe release dates- it's very difficult to keep up with the Jordan Brand. My point to all of this is,Jordan perfected/created/MASTERED the shoe game frenzy. And Jordan now has more than 100 different pair of shoes and color ways selling to date. Meanwhile, LeBron has been doing it for 18 years and with 17 different LBJ Nike Sneakers (give or take). C'MON MAN! I'm amazed that MJ doesn't sell more than three times that amount than any other athlete on the planet combined. HAHAHAHA!

This is a very weak argument and comparison- you guys are simply stretching and reaching for stories in the off seasons of basketball and football. WEAK ARGUMENT! But wait, to add an additional wrinkle to this argument, the Jordan Brand also has Super Star (Actors, Cartoons, TV Shows, and etc) Themed shoes, athletes in other sports wearing the brand, to include some of the NBA's top players as well. Therefore, it's not simply MJ selling more sneakers than LeBron- its more like the MJ Team selling more sneakers than any of these other athletes mentioned beneath him. It's very difficult to compare these two athletes, but yet, it sells ratings and I get that's why people continue to do it. LeBron is blazing the trail while playing and has carved out a new path for athletes of today, and this is something that nobody else can say that they have done. That alone, is a GOAT Quality and seperates him from his peers! MJ = GOAT, LBJ = GOAT... ARGUMENT OVA! JQC Signing off... Michael Jordan always does this crap whenever it comes to smaller players than himself or players that threatened tears Hall of Fame status which is totally ridiculous because we all know Michael Jordan's Hall of Fame status is solidified and will arguably be known as one of the best ever to play the game. The impact he had join his error was second to none just like the impact that Earvin Magic Johnson and Larry Bird have on their hair was second to none just like the impact that Steph Curry has had on the entire NBA saving the shorter players careers and trans farming the game like we've never seen before. Not yet on the court but off the court not just for the players but for the fans as well basketball has never been more entertaining then what Steph Curry has brought to the game with the help of his teammates and the Golden State Warriors. I remember when Pat Riley became head coach of the New York Knicks and basketball became a big man's with punishing defenses antop hard fouls teams like the New York Knicks the Detroit Pistons and some of those Boston Celtic teams we're not the most entertaining A basketball play for the fans. Big man playing bully ball is not fun and as entertaining for the players or the fans as what we have today thanks to Steph Curry. Michael Jordan doesn't like little guys he has no defense for and guys like Allen Iverson and Steph Curry are just too much to handle if you're on the defensive end against them. Not to mention the way Steph Curry shoots the three is like no one has ever seen before this equalizes the game for the shorter basketball ball player. Last but not least the shooting percentage of the entire leg has gone out thanks to Steph Curry. Better faster smarter basketball play like we never seem before. Thank you Stephen Curry.

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Re: jordan 1 dropped today Posted: Fri 7/31/2020 at 6:14 AM, in reply to guest guest

The content in this blog could've been a bit better, honestly. I will ask my friends if they have anything better to share here. If they do have something better, that'd be great for me.

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patriots chronicle Posted: Tue 8/4/2020 at 6:26 AM, in reply to guest guest

Great post i must say and thanks for the information. Education is definitely a sticky subject. However, is still among the leading topics of our time. I appreciate your post and look forward to more.  patriots chronicle

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sheep dog marine Posted: Tue 8/4/2020 at 6:44 AM, in reply to guest guest

The worst part of it was that the software only worked intermittently and the data was not accurate. You obviously canot confront anyone about what you have discovered if the information is not right.  sheep dog marine

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Re: jordan 1 dropped today Posted: Tue 8/4/2020 at 6:48 AM, in reply to guest guest
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