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The Chairman once instructed Vaska's mother and aunt Glasha to take a cart, load it with flour, milk, butter, and other food, and take it to the city market. To sell. Women in the middle of the night loaded the cart and taking with them Vaska (at least small, and the man) moved to the city. Ten versts from the village the forest began. I was afraid to go through it. Especially in the dark. The trouble switched when the end of the forest was a little more than two versts away. 12 men on horseback, with weapons, surrounded the cart. Terrified women all laid out as is. They say that we are taking collective farm goods to the city for sale. They sobbed and asked to be released. Spare. At least a guy. The bandits got together and grabbing a cart, the women and the boy turned into the woods. Dawned. We stopped in a clearing. The bandits dismounted. Vaska was tied to the cart. Women, threw their bellies on the bags. They tied their arms to the cart, stretching them out long. They lifted their skirts over their heads, exposing their white Asses, thighs, and the area of their back adjacent to the ass. After a consultation, they laughingly tied the legs, spreading them wide, and tied the ropes around the ankles to the frame of the cart. Vaska decided that they would be flogged. But the bandits decided otherwise. Two of them started to take off their pants, exposing their Asses. Vaska understood everything when he saw the rearing swaying members. They'll be violent, kid. And the bandits were not long in coming. The leader, with a drooping moustache, stepped between Glasha's legs from behind and jerked his backside. Glasha screamed, struggled, moaned under her skirts, and fell silent. Vaska's mother understood everything and moaned: - Son, don't look, don't look, AAAAA. A thin, long guy drove his snag into mom and slapped his hips against her buttocks. During the time that has passed since the spanking, Vaska's mother has lost weight, her ass has picked up and rounded, her waist has appeared, and her hips have grown stronger. That's the beauty of the bandits. The guy sped up, groaned, froze. Panting, he walked away. Another took his place. - The next one is the bandit who finished in Glash invited the person from the queue. The women moaned and wept, their faces contorted with pain and wet with tears, hidden by their skirts. Rapists were varied. Those who were sated drank moonshine found in the cart and ate sausage. Kolkhoz sausage. Those who were waiting for their turn urged: - Come on, don't get distracted, there is no urine to wait for. One of the gangsters decided to add some variety to the routine of gang rape. All of a sudden, a bloodcurdling screamed Glasha. "That's what I gave her, like a convict. It's both narrower and drier. Said the rapist Pachino reaction. Those who knew the point of the question laughed. Pushing the next rapist away from her mother, a healthy fellow jumped up to her and scooped up sour cream from a pot, generously splashed white gush between Katerina's buttocks and grabbed his appendage in his hand and sent it to a place smeared with sour cream. Now it was Vaska's mother's turn to squeal: - Aaaaaaa, it hurts, don't. Katerina howled, struggling in her bonds. - Aaaaaaa, noooooo. The rapists began to violently discuss what was happening. Some condemned: - it is not human - others were preparing to try it in a convict way. After finishing my mother's tail, the rapist walked away. The bottom of his shirt was covered in something red and brown. There was a sharp smell of shit. The next one scooped up sour cream and made Katerina yell again. Half a meter away from my mother, Glasha whined plaintively. A man named Blacksmith was working on her ass. The women were lying on the ground. Naked, legs spread wide. Their skirts and sweaters swirled in the cart. The rapists sat in a circle, drinking, eating. Many have already had their fill. Insatiable got up and went to the women, lay down and began to pull the ass. The women only moaned faintly. When they had finished their entertainment, the bandits mounted their horses, took a cart with food, and drove off along the forest road. Untied Vaska ran to the village for help. After running about three hundred meters, he stopped and took out a member sticking out with a stake... after a couple of seconds, having finished violently, Vaska again rushed to the village as fast as he could.

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