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My husband went on a long voyage Original post: Thu 5/6/2021 at 8:07 AM

The story is written at the request and according to the plot of the reader. Names changed. The story is told on behalf of the heroine. And although I tried, but it is very difficult to convey states and emotions, because it is difficult to describe something that I have never experienced... Whether the story is real or not, I can not say.

My name is Irina, I am 34 years old, married, have a daughter. I want to tell you a story that happened to me almost ten years ago. We lived in a small town in the Kaliningrad region. My husband, his name is Oleg, a sailor, a military man. Our life was wonderful, we lived, as they say, soul to soul. In three years of married life, there were no quarrels. Yes, and in bed everything was fine, and for some three years it is difficult to get bored with each other, although everything happens, but this was not about us. But it was at this time that an event occurred that changed our lives, or rather my life.

My husband went on a long voyage, he was gone for almost six months. No, he had often gone to sea before , for a week or two, but he had never been away so long. It was a difficult test in the first place for me, and I'm getting ahead of myself, I admit that I couldn't stand it.

The first month I still somehow mastered. And then it just became unbearable... all day at home. The only trips from home – to the store, to the pharmacy and for a walk with my daughter... It was even more difficult in the evening and especially at night… My husband and I made love quite often. The only exception was when I was pregnant. And when my daughter was born, everything returned as before… And here… I just started to go crazy, from the lack of sex…

In the late evenings, I began to satisfy myself as best I could. After a while, I was ready to buy an artificial penis… But our city is small and I was afraid to go to the store where you could buy it. And I didn't want to go to Kaliningrad specifically for him, but I still couldn't stand it, so I went… However, to no avail. I couldn't bring myself to go to the sex shop for a long time, I walked around and around for an hour. But having overcome myself, I went in, but when the saleswoman began to find out what I needed, I was ashamed, just flew out of there. But a little later, a way out was found… And quite unexpected… My husband found a screwdriver with a thick rubberized handle in his tools... I washed it and began to use it completely for other purposes... It was not very convenient, but much better than with my fingers… And the pen was a very suitable size, even thicker than her husband's penis.

Sometimes a neighbor Alla came to visit, her husband served with me on the same ship. She was a couple of years older than me. And so two "hungry" women sometimes in the evenings, when the small ones were already asleep, extinguished their natural desire with beer, and sometimes even vodka.

Alka tried to persuade me every night, and finally persuaded me. She also figured out where to put my daughter. My husband and I have no relatives here, he got here on distribution, and it was a big problem to attach my daughter. When my husband and I went somewhere, we asked friends to sit with the girl. Often it was just Alla who sat, in a neighborly way…

We settled our household and went to Koenig… We arrived at the club, she almost immediately found friends… We drank, danced… Everything went smoothly to the fact that we would go to one of the guys at the hut ... Mentally I was already ready for this, otherwise I would not have gone to Kaliningrad for the night. But the guys had a little too much and began to behave, to put it mildly, inadequately. I regretted that I went on this adventure... Alka perceived what was happening in a completely different way than I did. I left in English, said that I went to the toilet, and I ran away… I ran out into the street and stopped for a moment. Where to now? I don't know anyone in town. It's too late to get home. Spend the night at the train station? Or in the park on a bench?

A guy was standing in front of me, twirling his car keys on his index finger. There were a lot of cars in front of the entrance, and the drivers were looking at me with interest. I told him where I was going.

There were no takers. And I understood them in my heart - it drags 50 km there, and then back, and most likely, no one wanted to be empty. But where should I go? I was already heading towards the train station, where at least you can spend the night in the waiting room.

Less than ten minutes after we left, I began to reproach myself. No, not that she decided to cheat on her husband and went to Koenig with Alka. It's about running away from the club. So what if he started groping me and getting under my skirt? That's why I went to the club, in principle! I wanted a man… And then I just got scared… That's a fool. Now I will come home and I will satisfy myself with a screwdriver again! You idiot! Or maybe I did the right thing? Yes, how right! You fucking idiot! I'd be fucking right now, instead of shaking around in this stupid car. And the longer I thought about it, the more I got turned on and cursed myself with the very last words.

And then, I didn't even realize it right away, I felt a hand on my leg. His hand was on my leg, just above the knee. My chest felt cold, but it was a pleasant cold. It was also nice to feel a man's hand on my leg… I haven't felt this sensation in almost three months. I sat there, afraid to move, afraid that he would take his hand away…

He gently stroked my leg, then slowly his hand moved up, lifting the hem of my dress. How nice it is to feel a man's hand, to feel its warmth on your skin! My chest felt warm at first, then hot. His fingers were between my legs, and he made a faint, barely noticeable movement, trying to spread my legs wider to the side. I didn't hinder him, I even helped him by spreading my legs as wide as possible.

I was already shivering inside, my chest was burning hot, and my lower abdomen was getting wet. The hand continued to move up too slowly, and I wanted it to move much faster. To get into my panties, so that his finger would penetrate my wet pussy. I wanted it so much… But finally, he runs his fingers over the wet fabric of her panties. Yes, I can feel his touch. I'm trembling with desire…

I shifted a little forward in the seat to make it easier for him to get in... the car shook and stopped. His hand was already in his panties, his finger spreads his labia and I feel him touch my clit. I flinch… The finger begins to pull at the clitoris… I feel like I'm running out of air.

And then everything is in a fog… He helps me out of the car, puts his chest on the hood, lifts the hem of my dress, pulls the strip of panties aside and… I feel the head of the penis bursting into my flesh and slowly penetrating further and further through the lubricant… After three months of abstinence, I feel a member inside me, this is not a transferable sensation… In my entire life, I have never experienced more pleasure than at this moment! I was so hungry for a member that after three frictions, an orgasm came, short and not very strong.

And he continued to slowly drive his cock into me.

Oh, my God! What am I doing? How am I going to look Oleg in the eye now? A sweet languor spread through my body… What am I doing!? What I've been dreaming about for a couple of months now… Oh, my God! I feel so good!

He steadily drove his cock into me, I squirmed under his pressure with my stomach on the hood. I couldn't hold back any longer, and I groaned loudly. He took my hair in his fist and gave it a little tug. It hurt a little, but I ignored it. He increased the pace, the dots became sharper and stronger. Soon I felt the next orgasm coming. The pace was already just crazy... a little more and my second orgasm came... So strong, this has never happened with my husband. And a complete failure for a while…

I came to myself from the sharp smell of tobacco smoke. I was sitting in the car again, I don't remember how I got there at all... it was a bit strange. Weaknesses and bliss… I felt SO GOOD! I don't remember what I would have experienced before, something like this!

He helped me light a cigarette. Actually, I hardly smoke, so sometimes for company. But then I wanted to... the cigarette was shaking in my hands, I had never experienced such a high from smoking in my life. Or maybe it wasn't from the cigarette at all?

While I was smoking, I came to my senses a little. The dress on her chest was all black with dirt, her thighs and knees too, and her legs were buzzing like telegraph wires... But it didn't really bother me… Nothing bothered me at the time. Neither the fact that she cheated on her husband, nor the fact that she gave herself to the first person she met, nor the fact that she could get pregnant or catch some kind of infection… At that moment, everything was just fine, even very good. I wanted so much to thank him for the moments of ecstasy that he gave me…

I threw the cigarette away, undid the button on his jeans, then the zipper. He lowered his underpants... the cock was limp, I took it in my hand and leaned my head towards him. Gently touched her lips to the head of the penis, felt the taste of sperm and latex. I just sucked the head like a lollipop.

He did not press his hand hard on the back of his head, and the head parted his lips and was in his mouth. I tried my best, I wanted to make it as pleasant as possible for him. I don't have much experience doing blowjobs. I did it to my husband, and even before my marriage a couple of times. I sucked, I licked, I even swallowed all the sperm, which until this moment I had never done in my life. It didn't taste so bad after all. And not only swallowed, but also licked every last drop. I tried my best, and I think he liked it.

I was in a state of euphoria for a couple of days. Everything was fine, everything was fine. And the most important thing that especially struck me-NO REMORSE! I so calmly accepted the betrayal of my husband, even with some joy…

Less than a week later, I used the phone that was left for me… The rest of the time, until my husband returned, he visited me two or three times a week. Came in late at night, left early in the morning. I was just in the seventh heaven from the happiness that fell on me!

Ivan became my savior, he brought me back to normal life. Well almost back to normal… I would like every day, but the town is small… The fear of exposure was enormous. So when I couldn't stand it, I'd call and he'd come over. He came late at night, I went crazy waiting ... 2-3 times a week, more often than not it did not work out. In general, life got better and went on as usual.

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