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The benefits of "Tannin", a bitter substance found in plants. There are 0 replies:
The benefits of "Tannin", a bitter substance found in plants. Original post: Thu 10/29/2020 at 10:24 PM



When we drink tea or coffee And feel that it is bitter, that is the bitter taste caused by tannins Substances found in these foods and beverages, in addition to being bitter in taste, may also have health benefits. Today hello, the doctor will bring everyone to know how useful Tannin is. And what precautions are there about this substance?


What is "tannin"?

Tannins, also known as tannic acids, are compounds joker that are obtained from phenolic acids and belong to a group of compounds known as polyphenol polyphenols.The tannin molecule is larger. Other compounds in the group of polyphenols It also has the ability to bind easily to other molecules such as proteins, cellulose, talc and minerals. This makes tannins insoluble and more resistant to decomposition than other compounds in the same group.Tannins are naturally present in both edible and inedible plant parts such as roots, bark, flowers, fruits, leaves and seeds, which produce these bitter tannins. Help protect yourself from natural pests from eating and destroying plants.Tannin-rich foods are found in most foods such as tea, coffee, chocolate and wine.


The benefits of tannins

Tannins are substances in the group of polyphenol compounds. The main property of chemicals is antioxidants. They help prevent inflammation and may help fight cancer.Eating a diet high in tannins can help fight free radicals, one of the major problems leading to the deterioration of the cells in the body. And may lead to cancer. Antioxidants like tannins can also help prevent and reduce inflammation. Make the wound heal faster Additionally, recent studies have found that tannins have antifungal and antibacterial properties in the leather industry. Therefore, tannins are used to dye the leather to a darker brown color. And help kill fungi or bacteria that may be in the leather, making the leather durable and colorful


Cautions about tannins

Although tannins may have health benefits But eating foods that are high in tannins Especially eating too much It can lead to the following harmful effects.


Reduce the absorption of nutrients

It is reported that Eating foods high in tannins May result in the body's growth rate less Consume less food And get less energy from food That is because Tannins may decrease the absorption of nutrients in foods, especially iron. By binding to these nutrients Making it harder for the body to absorb and use Although the reduction in bioavailability may not be sufficient to cause harm. But for those who already have malnutrition problems Can cause that problem to add even more People with malnutrition, such as those with iron deficiency. Therefore should leave a distance between eating With eating foods that are high in tannin, such as drinking tea or coffee with meals. To drink before the next meal instead



Sometimes drinking tannin-rich beverages on an empty stomach. It can make us feel nauseous and vomit. Therefore, it is best to avoid eating foods that are high in tannins on an empty stomach. Or maybe add milk To help reduce irritation in the stomach

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