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Siblings give into passion when their parents are gone. There are 0 replies:
Siblings give into passion when their parents are gone. Original post: Thu 12/9/2021 at 6:42 AM
Anna: Hey, our parents aren’t home, they’re on vacation in Vegas for a few days.

Jason: That’s great! It should be fun with just us here.

Anna: Yeah I know! We can do so much fun stuff, like we can finally get in the spa!

Jason: Hey, you’re right!

Anna: Can we go now?

Jason: We should, it’s nice out tonight. Those few days are gonna fly by. Lets make it count.


Anna: Wow, the water’s so hot, but it’s so nice!

Jason: I know, that’s how I like it.

Anna swims around.

Anna: Wee! This is so fun! I love getting in the spa.

Jason: Ahh it’s so relaxing.

Anna: These jets don’t do a good job at massaging you though. Do you know how to give a massage?

Jason: I’ve given a few in the past, people seem to like it.

Anna sits in front of Jason, her back turned towards him. He starts with her shoulders

Anna: Ohh Jason, that’s so good! Where did you learn to do that?

Jason: I just listen to your body, it tells me what to do.

Anna: Mmm, well don’t stop, I love it!

Jason continues his massage and gets down to her top. There is a hard plastic clasp along the spine, during the massage, Jason presses that piece into her back.

Anna: Oww! That hurt.

Jason: I’m sorry, I’ll be careful.

Anna: Ok.

Jason continues his massage, but the plastic piece gets in the way again.

Anna: Oww! My top is getting in the way. It’s dark out, do you mind if I get rid of it?

Jason had planned this from the beginning. All the way back to buying his parents airplane tickets.

Jason: I don’t mind. I can’t see anything.

Anna takes her top off and sets it on the edge of the spa. Jason finds it and chucks it in the corner. The spa noises cover up the sound.

Jason continues his massage being thorough, getting her arms, scalp, feet, calves, upper thigh. Then he gets to the hips. He starts with the sides, then works his way towards the rear. His fingers get caught on her bottoms.

Anna: Wait.

Jason stops.

Anna: Umm, I think my bottoms are getting in the way.

Jason smiles.

Anna: Do you mind if I…

Jason interjects: No, do what makes you comfortable.

Anna: Well… ok!

Anna disrobes. Completely naked. Jason does away with her bikini again and continues the massage.

Jason: You know, there’s one place I haven’t massaged yet.

Anna, smiling: What’s that?

Jason: Some of your more sensitive areas. I think it’ll feel really good though.

Anna: Like you mean my special area?

Jason puts his hand on her belly and slides down. He separates his fingers as he gets between her legs, her pussy stands in the middle. She arches her back. Pressing her butt up against him.

Anna: Mmm, down there huh? Yeah, I guess that could be ok…

Jason gently caresses her with his fingers. Anna, taken by lust, starts humping his fingers. Jason gives her a work over. Only letting in a little bit of his finger. His other hand rubbing her breast. Her hips gyrate, feeling his hardening cock between her ass cheeks.

Jason: You know, I have a special tool that is really good for massaging your special area.

Anna: Ha! You mean your thing poking me down there?

Jason: You mean this?

Jason bucks his hips, pressing his cock against her pussy. They both were tired of pretending. Anna feels his cock through his shorts with her hand.

Anna: So you want to massage me with this?

Jason: Yeah, I think it’ll feel really good, for both of us. We can both get a massage at the same time.

Anna: Ok, we can try it.

Jason picks her up and bends her over the spa’s edge.

Jason: It helps if I get some spit on it.

Jason gives her a little bit of oral. She didn’t need much, her juices started flowing immediately.

Jason: Are you ready?

Anna: Yeah.

Jason enters her with the head of his penis. Getting it lubed up and enjoying every moment.

Anna: Oooh.

Jason: Are you ok?

Anna: Yeah, it does feel really good! Mmm, can you do it more?

Jason: Sure.

Jason slides more of his cock in. Anna continues to moan. He starts fucking her softly, she just lets it happen.

Anna: This is the best massage ever…

Jason is fucking her all the way now. Pressing her cervix down a little as he bottoms out.

Anna: Mmm, right there, that spot is so itchy.

Jason: Yeah? Do you like it when I rub that spot?

Anna: Mmm, yeah, I love it. Wait, can we try something?

Jason: Ok.

Anna moves from being bent over to facing Jason. She pulls him into her.

Anna: Now I think we can relax in the spa together.

They submerge themselves in the water. Continuing to fuck. The water ripples in the motion, but they are gentile enough to not cause waves.

Anna: Ohh, it’s so itchy, but it feels so good! Jason: Well you can scratch as much as you like!

They pick up the pace. Anna: Ooh yeah, that's it, that's better. Oh my god it feels so good!

Jason: Ohh it feels so good for me too! You know my special tool has an anti itch cream, perfect for your itch down there.

Anna: Oh yeah, give it to me! Put it right over my deepest parts.

Jason starts fucking her violently. Water starts splashing out of the spa. He waits for her pussy to contract. He doesn’t have to wait long. His cock feels caught in a vice. She doubles in tightness. It is now so tight Jason is forced to slow his pace, still he drives his cock down. Her pussy relaxes and contracts over and over. Then he goes for a kiss. She reciprocates. Not one to miss his queue, Jason mashes her cervix down and floods her with his seed.

Anna: Ohh. Ohhhhh. Mmm. That’s so good.

Jason: Ahh. Tssssss. Oh my god.

Together they throb in unison. Her cervix opening up on her throbs, squeezing semen into her womb. His unrelenting cock forces as much semen into her as possible. He continues to grind her cervix until the last few drops come out.

Anna: That was a wonderful massage, now let me do you!
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