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How to write a resume that will attract the attention of the employer? There are 0 replies:
How to write a resume that will attract the attention of the employer? Original post: Tue 4/12/2022 at 1:14 AM

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The topic of résumé preparation can be classified as eternal: much has been written and said about it, but the interest is not diminishing. This is because although the labor market is changing, the channels of communication between employers and applicants are simplifying, but a more important job search tool has not yet been invented.

Get Serious: Invest Time in your Resume

Even if you are a great professional with unique qualifications, it is highly recommended to invest time in writing a quality resume. Some candidates hope to prove themselves at an interview, but if your resume is written to "check the box" and you haven't yet risen to the level of an in-demand expert, without a good resume there might not be a chance for a meeting. This is usually the first important "filter" on the way to a good job.

Focus: Analyze your Experience

Recruiters at companies and agencies review hundreds of resumes a day. To attract attention to your candidacy with a resume, it is important to set the right accents. Then the person who reads the text will want to study it carefully.

First of all, the recruiter runs his eyes over the first name, last name, photo, past jobs, company names and positions. Trying to snatch up keywords, to find something that matches the parameters of the job.

Use Bold Type for important Information

Don't emphasize exclamation points, if you need to emphasize something - use bold font. If you want to add information from yourself - think carefully about whether it will interfere with your job search. For example, often found in CV indicating that not to call during working hours - it makes you think whether the person needs a job at all. An HR specialist, recruiter or manager also has personal and working hours. Hardly anyone wants to sacrifice personal time for phone interviews.

Keep it Simple: Make it Easy to Read

It's important that resumes are easy to read. Try to look at your resume from the perspective of a recruiter, who focuses on the portrait of the potential candidate, his skills and experience, comparing many resumes.

The job of the job seeker is to design the resume so that it is easy for the recruiter to "snatch" key information and understand that the candidate is suitable - hypothetically, and you need to continue the conversation: conduct a phone interview or invite the person to an interview.

Also make sure that the resume writing is literate, use the same font, separate paragraphs: all this affects the readability. Avoid stamps and general expressions. The writing style should be business-like, but "lively", understandable.

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