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Monster Hunter World Boardgame Version Original post: Wed 8/26/2020 at 10:40 PM

Who would have thought that Monster Hunter: World, the number slotxo one best-selling game from Capcom, is going to be caught as a Boardgame to hunt monsters in real life. Developed and designed by Steamforged Games, the board game is said to have the goal of bringing the spirit of video into the form of a tabletop game that can be played with friends. I think the same way that it will be designed in any way. Because the original game is an Action RPG, hunting monsters to find parts to craft into various weapons, but if it is a Boardgame, how will there be an ending? And what kind of rules will the rules be?

In an exclusive interview with Polygon, CEO Mat Hart, Steamforged Games CEO and Chief Design Officer Sherwin Matthews, discussed a range of concepts related to designing the board game version of Monster Hunter World. that Bringing the game of hunters to the table

The design has discussed a number of features to translate the game into details. One of the keys is the length of the campaign in which each round is scheduled for one-day action based on the action. And in the game there will be various activities Like crafting equipment, scouting will take several days to complete, so players will need to plan a smart walk to gain their own advantage.

Moreover, the game will allow players to use weapons divided into different classes. The weapons in this game still need to be sharpened like the regular video version. In order to obtain attack cards, they can be used, as Steamforged Games has stated that the board game version of Monster Hunter World will feature a combo system with different MOVE movement cards. Combos come with different strength values. In this section, it is still unclear, you will have to wait for an update on which time to use the combo card. If you had to guess, it would definitely be a monster battle phase.

In addition to that, the unit for walking will be rubber in different ways. That now stated that there are all 4 characters, which will be divided into different sizes. Including the diamond card for playing with. Actually, I think the game is quite difficult to play, requires a lot of understanding. But may also like your friends Who is a follower of Monster Hunter, or someone who buys collectible games can still do it. The price will be approximately US $ 100 or approximately 3,000 baht, scheduled for sale in 2021.

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