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7 days in heaven ..!! Original post: Sat 12/11/2021 at 1:20 PM
It was one of my cousin sister’s marraige .
so it was a family get together which meant 7 day long fun .
From arrangement to management awesome atmosphere of work and fun combined.
A marriage ceremony comes with a added bonus … lots of girls to flirt with , and they don’t even seem to mind .
I was having a great time and taking extra care of the girls .
My efforts didn’t go in vain and soon they became comfortable and friendly with me.
But even with all those girls around I was waiting for someone special , a cousin sis of mine who had not yet arrived . Let me describe her .. she was drop dead gorgeous , like an angel who has descended from heaven , or may be cast out without wings for some unforgivable sin (which is what had helped me to get off a lot of times ) .she had those awesome breasts which I never missed a chance to glance at .. That sensuous figure damn I wanted her .. but to be very true we seldom met and didn’t even talk much so this was the perfect moment to get close and know her better , understand her better .. And Do her .. err I mean Do friendship .. okay u got me.. fuck her!!

I was eagerly waiting to see her. While I was chatting with a group of girls she entered and suddenly as if the breeze blew like a perfect movie scene .. her floating dress .. and my flying hair .. okay that was no imagination someone had switched on the fan . :P
As we didn’t talk much I just couldn’t go and greet her , I was waiting for a perfect moment to drop right in, which was kindly provided by a girl in the group. she was her friend .
She came up to us , they started chatting , and I didn’t let the chance go and added up with them .
We had a good chat and she was now a bit more comfortable with me , but that level of comfort needed to go right up.. up .. up.. well not yet away ;)

It was a big house with lots of rooms , lots of space , lots of decorations , lots of management which indirectly meant lots of work for ME . yeah me and my big mouth had to pop right in that perfect moment and say “ I will do it “ god damn .
Well I didn’t complain much as this gave me a chance to keep in regular touch with the girls and they seemed pretty impressed by me.

After all the work was done , most of which I tactfully transferred to others , it was my time to rest and have some quality time .
Me, some brothers of mine and a few friends , new ones , sat all together and chatted and not to forget the girls who were the centre of attraction , though my eyes were fixed on someone else , I took this moment to get close to her. I talked with her about this and that , and turned small talks into huge .. ahh that’s just me .. at the end of the day we seemed to be getting along well and finally the warm up round was done .. I had passed with flying colors I was in her friendly comfort zone and she was free with me now. We chatted a bit more and we teased and shared lots with each other .
Well but real time was yet to come .

Day 2 ..
Started like any other normal day , only the work load was more . I had to rush here and there , and wasn’t getting a chance to get along with those beauties flying around .
But my job got easier and cozier and lovelier when my cousin volunteered to help me out , what more could I want more than spending some quality time with her .
More chances like this , more closer we can get. I needed to run some errand she tagged along. Along the way we talked a lot about private lives and we shared a few of our secrets , yeah I am kind of a charmer , I can charm my way into anyone .. kinda what I am good at .
I came to know like me she was also a virgin , she had a boyfriend but the relationship didn’t last long anyway .
She said how badly he treated her and yet she really liked him , she became a bit emotional I comforted her and cracked a few jokes to cheer her up.

Soon it was evening and the work for the day was done, it was my time again the charmer needed to get back to work ,couldn’t leave the beauties stranded .. alone without me.
We decided to play truth and dare .. ah my field of expertise
I can make or break anyone my way .. so bottle was spinned I had my eye on one new hot chick who had arrived recently.
She was damn sexy and always flaunted her body , I liked the way she showed her assets , she was wearing shorts and her legs looked so yummy and inviting .
The bottle stopped and she chose truth .. I asked her “ whats your favorite sex position ? “
She smiled and said “ doggy style “
I gave a naughty smirk at her and she responded back , and I knew there was something here for me to exploit and I am not going to let such an opportunity go by .
My cousin seemed to have noticed this, she gave a knowing smile yet her emotion seemed mixed.
A few rounds later the bottle stopped at my cousin .. I took the opportunity ..i needed to get to know where I can get with with her ..but I couldn’t ask her directly .. I needed to trap her.
So I started” okay lemme see… suppose we all are shipwrecked on an island .. and get caught by local tribes ..suppose they give u an option to save us all.. u will have to make love with any of the guys among us …who will it be ? “
“ what kind of a question is that ?”
“ a truth question .. come on “
“what come on ? this is rubbish! “
“we are playing a game dear .. be a lil sporty .. she is so sporty see how she answerd “ I looked at my hottie target .. she nodded and supported me
After a while with lots of hesitation she finally said “ okay I don’t know but if that’s the case I will choose you”
And that’s what I needed to hear .. I was another step ahead
She gave me a look I will get back at you . I winked back.
The game continued it was my turn again , I chose dare .
My cousin jumped on this opportunity and said “ smooch the girl opposite to u “
Though I was ready to go .. it was rather a gift but I couldn’t show my eagerness needed to play it cool .. so I acted and said “smooch ?”
“ yeah why u only said to be SOPRTY remember .. ? 10 seconds I will count “ she gave smirk
I guess she didn’t expect that I would readily accept it.. I said “ well if only she agrees, else not “
“I would be glad ..” she said
And man u had to look at my cousin’s face .. million dollar expression .. I wish I had a camera with me!
“ and .. umm .. please don’t count I will make sure its 10 seconds “ I winked ..
I went for the kiss and with such passion as if it it was my last kiss .. well that’s the way u should do it .. every kiss!!
I smooched her and lost track of time .. I guess it was way over 10 seconds .. when I was ending it I gave a lil bite on her lower lip .. there was hooting and wooing all around .. I didn’t let that disturb me though .. when I looked now at my cousin she didn’t give me a happy look .
“you are a great kisser, I liked that “ said the hottie
“the pleasure is all mine “ I replied with a wink.
It was time to end the game and go to sleep.. but none of us were ready .. but I said that I have to wake up early to do some work and they also needed to go to sleep as it was late .. so the last request came to me was to sing a song .
I saw my cousin was still in that grumpy mood .. so I started “ okay so I dedicate this song to this beautiful angel sitting here in a grumpy mood” .. she threw a paper ball she had in her hand at me but seemed to cheer up a bit and loved the song and complimented me for my awesome singing
I decided to walk her to her room .
“was getting a bit to close with that girl “
“ jealous ? “
“huh why would I be jealous ?”
“ how wud I know ? maybe ……. “
She gave me a punch in my arm .. and said “ bye .. goodnight “ with a smile
Well I had a good sleep

Day 3
It was the most hectic day .. the day before the marriage ceremony .. I did not get time to rest but to ease my pressure my beloved cousin was there … her mere presence made me happy.
After the day’s work everybody was happily resting and I was finishing my last chore and needed to rest now , but she insisted to hang around a bit as she wasn’t sleepy yet . We chatted for a while and I cracked a few naughty jokes,
It was only two of us .
It was quite late and everyone had gone to sleep. So we moved to a empty room, which had been made ready for the guests.
She laid and said that she was tired of so much running around today and her body was aching.
I promptly offered a massage .. with crossed fingers .. man I could do it all day long
She said okay . she was wearing a skirt and a top.. so I started with her feet .
I have always loved chicken leg piece and breasts .. and same applies to chicks ;)
I slowly rubbed her foot .. ohh they looked so delicious I could take a bite , but I resisted . I slowly massaged her from foot to to her calf .. and slowly moved to her thighs .. I was getting hard there and excited , but didn’t let that emotion show up on my face , m a good actor.
I went up higher to her inner thighs .. she shivered and bit the finger of her right hand and she was looking at me . I massaged her thighs .. though I wanted to dive right in between I didn’t .
Then I told her to turn over I would massage her back. I lifted her t-shirt and started massaging .. I massaged her lower back then went to the upper . I could feel she was liking it and getting relaxed .. I was really hard by now and something needed to come out of my pants but I kept it in and bared the pain. I slowly opened her bra , she said “ hey what are u doing ? “
“ it’s coming in the way .. do u want this master massager to stop ?”
“ ummm I guess not … “
I opened her bra and started to massage her back at times going to the sides to get a light touch of her boobs , she didn’t say anything .. I got a bit braver and deliberately touched her boobs she didn’t say anything still .
So now I turned her over she had her eyes closed ..i grabbed her boobs , she let out a moan ..
I started massaging her boobs , I couldn’t believe my luck , I didn’t think I would be actually doing that , I massaged her boobs for a while.. oh too much now I dived in at last .. I started sucking those glorious boobs .. and gave a lil bite on her nipples .. she let out a pleasurous moan .. I kissed her boobs again and slowly moved down to her naval n sucked it . I then slowly opened her panty caressing her waistline with a finger a bit .. she shivered .
Wow that pink pussy lips was so longing … I slowly touched them .. she shivered a lot and hugged me tight .. I slowly entered my finger in that virgin pussy. She closed her mouth tightly not to let out any loud moan, I started finger fucking her slowly , then increased my speed .
I put two fingers in and fucked her until she had an orgasm .
She laid there for a while and then she said “okay my turn” .
She put her hands on my zipper and said “ wo .. someone wants to come out of the cage “
She opened my zipper and pulled out my dick ..” ummm its big “ n slowly ran her fingers over it .
A current of pleasure ran through my body as she rubbed it. She slowly then gave it a kiss and started sucking , oh god was this a dream .. if it was please don’t let this end .
I couldn’t hold it for long, the pleasure was too much and let it all out in her mouth . she was pretty good for a first timer I guess. She took it in, all of it .
Then there was a awkward silence for a bit which I broke saying “ I loved it “
“ so did I .. but is this right .. the social rules ….? “
“ who are others to decide what’s right and what’s wrong .. the society doesn’t feed us .. nor does it has the right to make our choices for us .. to hell with social order ! “
“ haha .. yeah yeah .. too much dialog .. “ she smiled “ time to go to sleep “
“ yeah let me sleep with you “ I winked
She laughed and said “ yeah right .. get lost to your room “
“ u are pushing me away ? “ I made a puppy sad face
“that’s not gonna work on me “
“ I wish it did “ I bid her good bye and left for the night .
But it would be hard to sleep , with all those thoughts running in my head .

It was the marriage day so everyone was running around doing the last minute fix ups .. so was I .. but didn’t see her from the morning and I was getting restless .. and then she came out .. she was sleeping late I guess .
she said “ hi “
“had a good sleep it seems “
She gave a knowing smile again and I winked and then went back to work .
It was evening the guests had started arriving . the bride was looking great but when she came out I was blown off … she was looking drop deads gorgeous .. I knew every eye would be on her today but the pairs that would connect will be ours .
The groom came and the ceremony started and the dinner was also being served at the same time.
I excused myself and texted her to get out of there .
Last day I missed the chance to fuck her which I needed to make up to today , I had bought some condoms from the store early this morning . she came out making way .. she was looking no less than a bride .
Everyone seemed busy so no 1 really noticed us , we decided to take a walk .. I took her to a lonely place behind a tree .. Pushed her on the bark and started kissing her passionately … after a while she said “ kiss me like u kissed her that day “
I smiled and said “ I will do better “
I continued the kissing then I sucked her boobs a while … we didn’t have much time .. so I lifted her dress and put my dick in … it wouldn’t go in .. it was really tight .. I had to force it in a bit .. she screamed a bit but then it went In .. and she started to moan . I had lifted her on my lap , n was in a stand and give position, with the support of the tree behind her though.
Her moans were getting louder …so I had to put my hand on her mouth
It was time to lose my virginity to a beautiful damsel like her .. I fucked her hard on my lap .. she grabbed my hair … I kissed her again .
I climaxed totally satisfied.
she adjusted her dress and started to leave “ lets go before anyone comes here “

I held her hand “ do we need to ? “
“ yes we do “ she smiled
So we went back .. but the whole time we were together .. teasing, commenting and smiling at each other 

Day 5

It was time for the bride to leave and it’s a custom that someone from the bride’s house must accompany the bride to her new home.. and my mom insisted me to go .. I didn’t want to, but had no choice..
But who knew this would come as a blessing in disguise for me
It was me .. the bride the groom and the grooms lil sister in one car .
I didn’t know the groom had such a beautiful sister , I guess I was too busy with my cousin last evening and ignored her completely.
She was sexy and she knew how to flaunt her beauty to attract others , and I was sucked right into the spider web
It was a long journey and we had ample time to chat with her and become good friends. She would laugh at my jokes and playfully fall all over me at times her breasts would brush me , or her hands would reach too close for my comfort . I was getting aroused .. and she seemed to have noticed it. It was noon time and the bride and groom both being tired know .. had fallen asleep.
Groom’s sister seemed to be asleep too or maybe she pretended .. she put her hands on my thighs suddenly as if she was sleeping n it wasn’t a deliberate act.
I was really getting turned on. Then she turned towards me and kept her head on my shoulder and hands on my belly .. as the car moved on the bumpy road she slowly brought her hand down as if it was all the cars fault.
Finally rested her hand on my throbbing meat , she gave a slight press and made her intentions clear , then she ran her sharp finger nails on my thighs n dick slowly and whispered in my ear sexily “ I am gonna blow your mind “ now tht really made me hot I wanted to fuck her then and there but didn’t have the courage to do that there . I had to stop her before I let it out in my pants.

After we reached there I knew I had the whole night in my hand .
The bride’s guest will arrive the next day for the reception. I had to make it all happen tonight
We reached in the evening and was well greeted. But what I really wanted now was to be alone with her.
And I got my chance I was alone taking a walk outside with her she was showing me around.
I asked her “ what was that all about in the car “
“ actually I wanted to do that with some guy for so long , I am from a really conservative family and they don’t allow boys near me , I never had a boy friend.”
“ are u serious ? never?! “
“ nope never , my father is very ill-tempered and well known for his anger he would kill anyone who came near me with bad intentions .. so no one actually did “
“ wow .. now I am scared “
She smiled “ actually I have seen a lots of porns with my friends and they share their sexual experiences , and I am a laughing stock for them .. as I have never been close to anyone “
“ what ? u mean no one has ever touch these beauties “ and gave her boobs a squeeze
“ hey what are u doing .. surely u don’t wanna get killed by my father “
“ I can die for them “I said ..
“ okay then .. don’t sleep tonight … I will take u to a secret place of mine “
“ what is sleep ? “
She laughed and we went back…I was waiting for the night !

It was dark and late , everyone was asleep , I heard a whisper , I went out silently then we escaped the house to her secret place .
“ are u sure its not a trap to murder me ? “ I commented jokingly
“ and here I thought you could die for them “ she pointed at her boobs
We reached there , a store room wid little space and candle lit in one side , “ welcome to my paradise “
“ wow its nice “
“ it’s gonna get nicer “
She started to strip dance , I played some music on my mobile and said “ wooo baby .. I love that “
She came close to me , sh was now only wearing a bra and panty and started to give me a lap dance , I couldn’t believe it was actually happening twice in a row .
She opened my t-shirt and jeans and together we laid on the ground .
I started kissing her legs and gave a bite on her upper thigh .. she moaned , now I opened her bra and threw it away and started playing with her breast and nipples though not as big as my cousins they were good in size .. ummm delicious too… I sucked em like a baby …
She then pushed me back and started to suck my cock.. man that felt great ..”fuck don’t stop go on “
I fucked her mouth and put my fingers in her pussy and finger fucked her , they were so so wet .
“ oh fuck .. I don’t have condoms “ damn I had just remembered
“ no probs , fuck my ass “
I turned her over and started to put it in her ass … darn it wont go in ..
“wait “ she said “ she reached for her purse and took some lotion out “ use this “
Girls purses always have handy things in them .. I put some lotion on my dick and on her ass hole and slowly inserted it in .
It went in and I started to ass fuck her .. it had an awesome sound to it .. I loved that and her moaning mix wid that .. music sweet music ..
I was fucking her and at times grabbing and pressing her boobs hard … she was loving that n was moaning harder each time.
After a long good fuck I spilled all my semen in her and filled up her hole, I was totally wasted and satisfied .. so was she .. she had a beautiful glow in her face I kissed her , she kissed me back .
“ wow u are an awesome kisser “
“ so I have heard .. ;) “

“ oho I see… well lets go now it will be morning soon “
Two days ago I was a virgin and in two days I had fucked two of ‘em
God and his mysterious ways .!


No I wasn’t creating earth and humans .. but I was having a heavenly time .. which I never even dreamt of!
The morning went chatting with my new glowing and happy friend as if she has been reborn yesterday .
In the evening the bride’s guest arrived so did my cousin I went and greeted her .
“what have u done to the girls , after u were gone they bugged me for u and went on and on about you and how they are missing u “
“ that’s my charm“
“ hmm yeah .. I guess I too missed your handsome and charming company , “ and did u ?”
“ I … the most “
“ so what have u been upto here huh ?”
“ ohh nothing much ,other than getting being pampered. I seem to be a royal guest here “
“ oho .. come I will pamper u too “
We laughed and went along with the others .

It was night time we had to return that day only .. a night long journey to home .
so everyone was ready to go .. I bid bye to the grooms sister and didn’t forget to take her number .
Me and my cousin took a seat towards the end of the bus.. all the elderly and everyone else was in the front , it was a big bus but not so many people , so it was kinda empty, good for me .

Everyone was tired and after the good and heavy dinner fast asleep ..but not us .
We were chatting .. I put my arm on her shoulder and inserted it slowly and started pressing her breasts . she too opened my zip slowly and started to rub my hot throbbing dick .. I loved it .
Suddenly I heard some noise and though someone was up.. so we adjusted ourselves and acted normal.
Then she went to sleep putting her head on my shoulders .
The whole way she slept on my shoulders .. I liked it.


It was the day everyone would leave for their respective destination. We would leave the next day .
The house became empty and soon only a few people left .
It was night and it was the last day to enjoy so we had decided to make the most of it .. I was waiting in an empty room ..when she came in with the hottie .
I was like “huh?! “
“I thought you would love some threesome “ she said .. I wasn’t convinced “ okay actually she saw us yesterday on the bus and said if I don’t let her in tonight shes gonna spill it all “
“ ohh well I guess we don’t have a choice then “
Oh my god .. my wildest dream it was about to come true !! I had always dreamt of this… a threesome !!
She closed the door and the Hottie jumed on me like a beast , as if she has been derived of food for many days and I was her meal.
I won’t say I didn’t enjoy it .. I was having a great time … she opened my shirt and jeans .. I tore off her bra and started sucking her breats immediately while my cousin was sucking my dick .
The hottie then pushed me over and kissed me all over .. I then started to press my cousins boobs … we were having a wild time .
Then the hottie kneeled on her knees ”doggy style .. “ she winked .. so did my cousin ..
They were both in doggy position and I went from one bitch to another fucking wildly ..i fucked one n grabbed the ass of another.this continued for a while.
I tried rest a bit but i wasn’t allowed to .. and had to fuck again . soon I was about to cum .. the hottie then grabbed my dick and took it in between her breast and breast fucked me …
I couldn’t hold on any longer to that awesome pleasure and let everything out .
I cummed so much like I never had.
I spread it all over her and hugged her , we both were then dripping in cum.. the hottie came over and licked me clean and my cousin licked the hottie clean, oh! What a sight !
I cupped and pressed their breasts a little more and that day we all went to sleep together .

3 days in a row .. 3 girls.. god damn hattrick was officially thanks giving day for me .. :P . I thaked my luck .. I thanked god to make all my dreams come true …

i keep in touch with all of them through facebook and texts .. and we plan to do it all over again someday if we get a chance ..
It was my 7 days in heaven …
Dreams actually come true !!
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