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Once, in an enemy prison, I couldn't access the internet to access my presentation. I also had to fix the issue. There are 0 replies:
Once, in an enemy prison, I couldn't access the internet to access my presentation. I also had to fix the issue. Original post: Mon 12/6/2021 at 7:23 AM
My personal worst business trip failure. We were traveling south to meet the oil tycoon from the Middle Eastern Region. There were several different stages of the presentation and I was invited to attend one of them as I was among the people most actively working on the project. It was my chance for me to show my boss that I'm ready to join the big leagues. While it could be offensive, I was trying to say that I was talking to adult women or business women.
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It went well. I was told that the role was my and that it would be in the underground bunker. This is because I was responsible for digital security for panic room of an insanely wealthy local businessman. I will keep names and tituls out of this report, because I do not want to point fingers or make anyone recognize me through my writing exercises. The purpose of the demonstration was to simulate a real-life sequence of events that would cause the businessman to retreat to his panic area with his family members, and a small force. The initial goal was to show the presentation and show how to manage such serious scenarios.
We've all proceeded into the dark, underground room. The room was dark in order to hide the massive weaponry that was hidden inside the walls. It was quite a scary scenario. Let's get straight to the point. I am creating the powerpoint slide. You are not allowed to use the Internet? Is there any Internet? Are you kidding me? You are not kidding. Lockdown has already begun and there is no way out to access the email in which the presentation is stored. It's not the first to try this. I visited Youtube to convert mp3 files and along with copying the audio of the video to enhance my memory of it instead of reading it out on paper, I downloaded the video as an mp4 file. I was looking for an audio format that was better and here I am in the process of requiring that exact presentation, and it's sitting on my laptop, ready to play.
I was fortunate. I was fortunate. This speech was only three minutes long, and it conveyed confidence. It brought in 47 new customers, many of whom are more prestigious that have signed contracts in the hundreds of thousands. We are looking at working with them in the future.
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