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How to Ship from china in 2020?


In this article, I will explain Canada and its economy and then go to the ways in which you can ship your products from China to Canada.


Canada is in the north of America and has ten provinces and three territories. The major difference between a Canadian province and a territory is that provinces’ power is from the Constitution Act, 1867, while territorial governments have got power by the Parliament of Canada In 2018, its trade in goods and services reached CA$1.5 trillion and is one of the world’s largest suppliers of agricultural products; also it is net exporter of energy. In 2018, Canada was the world’s tenth-largest economy. Now it is the world’s top ten trading nation and its trade in goods and services reached CA$1.5 trillion.

What is China’s relation with Canada?

istance in shipping your cargo from China, ddpch offers air freight, door to door service, courier service, sea freight, and more based on your needs.حمل بار هوایی ، ترخیص کالا ، ترخیص از گمرک ، حمل دریایی ، واردات کالا ، حمل بار از چین ، حمل بار هوایی از چین ، حمل بار دریایی از چین ، ترخیص کالا از گمرک ، پست اکسپرس بین المللی ، حواله یوان ، نرخ یوان ، حمل زمینی ، حمل بار از اروپا ، حمل زمینی بار ، کارگو چین ایران ، ترخیص در گمرک، حمل کالا از دبی ،حمل از چین به دبی ، حمل بار هوایی از دبی به ایران ، ترخیص در دبی ؛ حمل هوایی از دبی به ایران ، حمل دریایی از چین به دبی ، خرید از سایت های خارجی ، خرید از ایبی ، خرید از آمازون  Railway Canada’s relation with China is long and dates back to 1970 when diplomatic relations were established. Canada has an embassy in Beijing.

All the diplomatic missions are managed by 10 trading offices throughout the country. Major bilateral structures have supported the friendship between Canada and China.

The Foreign Investment Protection Agreement between Canada and China is a Bilateral Investment. It gives important securities to Chinese and Canadians to put resources into the other country.

Shipping from China to Canada

Much shipping goods are carried out from China to Canada. DDPCH can do all kinds of shipping goods, such as general merchandise, Chemical industry and Hazardous, and we offer all modes of transport, including by sea, by air and by express. Besides, we provide good solution, good service and competitive rates. DDCPH has the best shipping solution system to any city of Canada. Be sure that it is affordable and you will get the best price whether by sea freight or air freight.


The Cost  of Shipping from China to Canada

Many factors affect cost of shipping from China to Canada such as location, size, and shipping mode: sea FCL, sea LCL, air, or express.

Is China Still Shipping to Canada?


Because of corona virus, there has been so much delays in shipping and manufacturing. However, production in China is normal now, but in Canada there are declined demand and delays at ports and warehouses. Also, limited air travel has reduced air freight capacity, leaving space tight and costs.


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Shipping Rates from China to Canada: Express

The cost for door-to-door shipping for a load of 50 kg/0.2 cbm is $860. But shipping freight under 100 kg from China to Canada is cheaper  and faster by express. For 100 kg load, air freight is the cheaper:

China to Canada Shipping Time

Ship from china to Canada


Top 10 sea shipping company

Shipping from china to PHILIPPINES

Shipping from china to Qatar

Shipping from china to Germany

Sea shipping from china to uk

Shipping from china to uk


Actually, location, shipment size, and season affect the shipment’s transit time.

How to Ship from China to Canada

If you have questions about shipping from China to Canada, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will cover:

Freight from China to Canada: How to choose the fastest and cheapest way to ship

There are 4 options for shipping from Canada to China; FCL sea freight, LCL sea freight, air freight, or express. I explain all as follows;

FCL Sea Freight from China to Canada

FCL, or full container load, means your goods fill the whole of a container. It is suitable when you have a high volume since you’ll save time and money by choosing FCL and the cost is as the same as a flat rate.

LCL Sea Freight from China to Canada

LCL, or less than a container load, means your goods do not fill an entire container, and will be sent with other loads. Remember that by this option, your goods should be consolidated at the origin port and deconsolidated at the destination port. Therefore, LCL shipping takes longer time than FCL.

Air Freight from China to Canada

As you know, shipping by air is faster but more expensive than shipping by sea.

Express from China to Canada

When you have a small load and need to send it urgently, you can choose express.

What are incoterms and how do they affect freight prices from China to Canada?

You should always note the level of service the freight forwarder is offering.

For instance, if you want to ship from Shanghai to Vancouver, you should ask your supplier about the price difference between shipping from the supplier’s warehouse in Shanghai (using the EXW incoterm) and shipping from the port of Shanghai ( using the FOB incoterm).

Costs for FOB are lower and some incoterms such as FOB are used for sea shipping only.

What customs duties and taxes will I owe when shipping from China to Canada?

When you import goods from China to Canada, you must pay Customs Duty and GST before releasing your goods into the country.

Do I need insurance to ship from China to Canada?

For protecting your goods from damage, it is better to pay insurance. You can get help from your freight forwarder. Insurance costs are around 0.3% – 0.5% of your Commercial Invoice Value.

International shipping ports in China

Choosing the right port is based on location, ease of customs clearance, transit time, port volume, and relationships between the factory and the you should consider location, cost, and transit time for selecting a port

To decrease the shipping price and time from China to Canada

In order to reduce shipping cost and time you should keep these notes in mind;

  • Book in Advance. Though shipping by sea takes longer time but it is cheaper. So you should book in advance to save money.
  • Don’t ship in peak times. When carriers get busy, both shipping prices and transit times increase.
  • Compare quotes of various providers. Quotes can vary, so check out offers from different providers before making a decision.
  • know what’s included in your quote. Is your quote port to port or door to door? What service does it include?
  • In this essay first you will be familiar with the country of Vietnam and the trade between China and this country. then you will get to know about the shipping modes from China to Vietnam and at last door to door transfer.

·         Vietnam

  • Vietnamis a country in Southeast Asia and with the population of 96.2 that  has 58 provinces. The capital of this country is Hanoi. Vietnam’s climate is different in each region. Temperature is higher in the plains than in the mountains. It is a communist country. Vietnam mainly has foreign relationship with various Chinese dynasties and had established diplomatic relations with 178 countries in 2010.
  • The economy of this country has been based on agriculture and has increased exports and embarked on a policy of economic development by devaluingits exchange rate. In 2010, Vietnam was the eighth-largest petroleum producer in Asia and the US bought the highest amount of its exports through goods from China were the most popular Vietnamese import. Based on a forecast by Goldman Sachs, by 2025 the economy of this country will become the world’s largest. Also, Vietnam manages 20 main civil airports that include three international gateways; Noi Bai in Hanoi, Da Nang International Airport in Đà Nẵng and Tan Son Nhat in Ho Chi Minh City.


  • Recently, the trade between China and Vietnam has increased and has had good results. China and Vietnam share a 1,281 km border. Vietnam is fifth-largest export market for China. In addition, shipping your freight via sea or air from China to Vietnam can be is beneficial. Both countries have long coastlines with several international ports, and many international airports.

·         How to Ship Ocean Freight From China to Vietnam

  • Sea freight is a good choice when a supplier is located near a Chinese port since your cargo will be transported by a carrier in a shipping container. It depends on the volume of your goods to choose a full container (FCL) or a shared one (LCL). We can supply both. Now, let’s describe both options.

·         Less than Container Load (LCL) From China to Vietnam

  • If you intend to ship small quantities, LCL is the good enough because it is affordable. Don’t forget that your freight will be combined with the cargo of other shippers. This is effective for your business but it takes longer time since the container should be consolidated before export and de-consolidated upon import.

·         Full Container Load (FCL) From China to Vietnam

  • If time is important for you, then FCL can be better. FCL is a full container booked for your exclusive use at a flat rate. In this case, your products will be transported in a sealed container from origin to destination. It is faster and cheaper than LCL.

·         Air Freight From China to Vietnam

  • If you have to send your goods to Vietnam as quickly as possible, air shipping is the best choice. Since it is quicker and more flexible than the ocean freight. But keep in mind that this method is more expensive so you can choose it just for your small consignments that have high-value or very delicate.

·         How Long Does it Take to Ship Cargo From China to Vietnam?

  • Maybe you want to know how long your cargo will be at sea or in the air when traveling from China to Vietnam. The transit time and the price are important for taking decision about the method of transportation.
  • As you know, air freight is the fastest and takes four to eight days that this time vary in sea transit depending on the distance to the ports. It may take 7 to 31 days.

·         Door-to-door transfer between Vietnam and China

·         Door-to-door method

  • A door to door service is an all-inclusive package that you can ship your products without stress since all the items of packing, storage, loading/unloading, customs clearance, international freight, trucking… will be guaranteed from departure to arrival.

·         How door-to-door services are helpful?

  • In Door to Door air cargo service we contact your supplier and pickup shipment from seller. Also, we prepare all documents for export from china, book space, load to airplane and do customs clearance service. Finally, we deliver to customer address.
  • DDPCH is a company that provides the best international logistics service. In order to meet your shipping requirements, we have a system that is economical, affordable, and reliable and also not limited to import and shipping from China to Vietnam. It also includes documentation, packaging, loading, unloading, customer clearance, and so on. In addition, we update all the terms and regulations in order to have a quick and trustworthy service. In order to have better freight to Vietnam from China, please feel free to contact us, and soon our staff will help you.


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This topic is not so important for me as I am not bothered how products are shipped from China in 2020 but still people are interested in such topics so I think this will be useful for them who wish to know about the way the products are shipped from China best infertility treatment in kerala

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