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Ho Chi Minh City Apartment Online Search Original post: Sun 11/8/2020 at 1:38 AM

GIATHUECANHO ( ) specializes in consulting on sale - lease - transfer of all apartment projects, apartments, townhouses, villas, land plots in Ho Chi Minh City and some areas in Nha Trang, Da. Danang (especially consulting on resort projects - Condotel of Vingroup)

Details in: cho thue can ho quan 2
As a newly established company, but our company has a staff of many years of experience in the profession, including leasing and consulting investment in new projects

Contact us to get updates on the latest prices for the Vinhomes Central Park, Vinhomes Golden River apartments, .. and some other rental projects.

Details in: cho thue can ho quan binh thanh

And get the latest Real Estate investment information from us

As a newly established company in 2018, we have understood and always respect ethical values ​​in business and profession. GIATHUECANHO is trying to bring real value to the community, our company has a staff of young people, with enthusiasm, passion, dedication to work, always looking forward to bringing you apartments.

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Luxury apartment for rent luxury apartment with the best price suitable for each object and different rental needs. The satisfaction of customers is an honor to us. GIATHUECANHO strives every day to assert and enhance its position in the real estate market in Vietnam in general and in the Ho Chi Minh area. in particular

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