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Cumming like never before with his bi-girlfriend (Teacher pt. 2_(0) There are 0 replies:
Cumming like never before with his bi-girlfriend (Teacher pt. 2_(0) Original post: Sat 12/11/2021 at 3:54 AM
This had been a good year for me. I was getting more respect around the school as a new teacher, my students had one of the highest standardized test passing rates in the state, and to top it off, I’d managed to get a student to knock me up and had my baby without anyone knowing that something strange was afoot.
The school year had ended. Teachers had finished grades and I was packing up my room for the next year when there was a knock in the direction of my open door. I turned and saw Tia Malik, a recently graduated student and girlfriend of my baby daddy, Kevin Freeland. Tia had lost some weight since the beginning of the school year and had developed from a somewhat plain girl with future lower back problems to a full-blown exotic bombshell... with future lower back problems.
“Hi Tia, I didn’t expect you would be eager to-”
“I know you slept with Kevin.” I was taken aback, and stood slack jawed for some moments without words. “And I know he’s the one who got you pregnant.” She took steps forward approaching me, her curvy hips swaying side to side and her deep cleavage lightly jiggling. One woman to another, she really was a sexy little minx. I decided to fess up.
“Okay fine, I did and he did. What do you want from me?”
“A taste,” she replied instantly, so close to me now I could feel her breath. “Kevin told me everything, including that you had him seeing stars. I swing both ways you know. I just want to see how well you do with the distaff side.” At that she smiled mischievously.
“And if I refuse.” Tia rolled her eyes; she had all the cards her and she knew it.
“I’m sure the Superintendent would love to hear about that time you statutorily raped a student, Kevin was 17 at the time wasn’t he? And kept his baby. And your husband would too, I’m guessing.” I thought for a moment. Tia had me on the ropes, I had no choice.

“Alright then, come to my house tomorrow at two o’clock. I’ll be waiting, My husband doesn’t get home until later.” I gave her my address and she grinned even wider.
“Until then Mrs. Shurgur,” she said, walking out the door with classic seductress stride.
“Call me Amy,” I yelled back as the left. If I was going to be fucking her I’d rather we at least be on a first name basis.
Between the baby and the imminent event of me having a lesbian encounter with a stunning former student, I was tossing and turning all night. I eventually concluded that if I was going to have go bi for an afternoon, she was the person to do it with. I finally fell asleep to visions of dark skinned beauties dancing in harem garb. Tom didn’t even notice, I love him but he can be a little dense sometimes.
At about 1:30 I took the baby to a sitter, muttering some ridiculous excuse why, and prepared myself, I put on a lacy thong and bra that barely contained my tits engorged with milk. I’d gotten back in shape fairly quickly after the birth two months ago, and you could hardly tell that I’d ever been pregnant, unless you knew my usual cup size, of course.
At 2:00 exactly the doorbell rang and I opened it immediately. In walked Tia with her long raven hair and waspish waist. The gold, shimmery, sundress she had on seemed to flow over her like water cascading down rocks. Her black boots came to the knee and I her dark nipples shown clearly under the light material of her dress, her tits hanging free under her clothing. I don’t know how she tolerated it, I could barely deal with my own larger boobs with the most ugly, supportive bra I had. She looked around the spacious entry way.
“Hello Amy. Nice place, your husband a CEO or something?”
“Or something,” I replied and wordlessly led the way up the stairs into the master bedroom. Tia wasted no time disrobing completely and confirming my suspicions. She was even more gorgeous naked than clothed. The beautiful woman in front of me helped my out of my tank top and shorts, then my underwear, giving me shamelessly dirty compliments as she did so, I uneasily returned the favor. Her hands were warm and gentle, her skin soft. She gently lowered me back onto the bed, and crawled over me, straddling my hips with her creamy thighs, her slit on my shaved mound, warm and wet.
“I’m going to be gentle, just tell me if you want me to do something.” She smiled. It was a different smile than before, loving and tender instead of cold and cunning. She placed her hands on my swollen breasts and massaged them softly. Slowly, Tia lowered herself down onto me and kissed me. Gently at first, then with more intensity, snaking her tongue into my mouth and probing around.
Compared to Tom, Tia was so soft. Her small waist, her thighs, her seemingly endless breasts, nothing but supple skin and gorgeous flesh. Her hands were small and soft where Tom’s were big and rough. My husband pawed at my tits in wild passion, Tia caressed and massaged them, playfully tweaking my stiff nipples and twirling her fingers around my aureoles. I felt so relaxed and in sexual bliss. Tom brought me to violent and sudden climaxes. Tia made me want to sink into bed and float away in ecstasy. Any lasting jitters over the nature of the relationship had melted away when Tia’s tongue worked it’s way into my mouth. I was in heaven.
Tia withdrew from my mouth and looked into my eyes, her mammoth tits resting on her hands, which were still on my smaller breasts.
“I want to drink your milk and suck you dry,” she said deeply. I didn’t even have to think.
“Oh god yes, please do.” She took first my left tit in her hand and squeezed it a couple times, then brought my stiff nipple to her mouth. She sucked gently, and I gasped as I felt a few small drops of milk flow out of my tit, I’d nursed the baby a hundred times before, but this felt erotic and sensual. I erupted in goosebumps. “It’s sweet.” Tia said. “And delicious.” She squeezed and sucked harder this time and more of my milk flowed into her warm mouth. I cooed with delight. She then switched to my right tit and sucked sweet milk out of that one. Tia soon developed a rhythm, left then right, a hand on each and no more than a few seconds at either nipple. I lay there and enjoyed her erotic milking, my pussy juice flowing and my pleasure gradually increasing.
I wanted to do something for her, since she was the one doing all the work. I reached my hand to my bedside table and pulled my purple ribbed dildo out of the drawer. Using my hands I positioned Tia’s hips up and her legs into a kneeling position. I first ran my fingers along the outside of her warm, soaked pussy stopping to prod her clit when I reached it. Tia, nipple in her mouth, gave a muffled moan. I picked up the dildo and worked my hand between her thighs and inserted the head between her lips, she moaned again. I slid the smooth plastic into her completely and began to work it in and out of her slippery pussy.
Soon Tia’s pleasure became enough that she had to pause as she moved between breasts to tilt her head to the ceiling and groan loudly. I was almost doing the same, as Tia’s fervent working of my tits had given me constantly ramping waves of joy breaking over me with each deep full from my hard nipple. I used my other hand to finger my own sopping wet cunt. As I climbed higher and higher, my thrusting of the dildo into Tia became faster and harder and Tia in turn sucked deeper and squeezed tighter in one ever increasing cycle.
I broke first, my orgasm hittinng me with a strength no other had in my sexual career. Milk gushed freely from both my tits and juice flowed into my convulsing pussy as I arched my back and screamed Tia’s name. Tia had her own orgasm almost simultaneously. Dildo deep in her cunt, She planted her small hands on my gushing tits and threw her head back, sitting almost straight up and crying out in a language I didn’t recognize. Her own tits bounced wildly as she came and her hot pussy juices dripped onto my stomach as my milk flowed onto her hands.
She collapsed on top of me, completely spent, and I threw my arms and legs around her, removing the dildo and tossing it aside somewhere in the progression. We rolled on the bed in this embrace, panting, before coming to rest in the middle. Staring into each other’s eyes on our sides, limbs entangled in a hot, sticky, beautiful mess.
“That was amazing,” I said when I regained my breath. “You made me feel things I didn’t think I could feel.”
“No I didn’t,” She said with that warm, tender, smile. “You did it all to yourself.”
“But you helped me get there.” She laughed lightly, like sunshine.
“Maybe I did, but I came all because of you, and it was transcendent.” Neither of us said anything, trying to soak in the afterglow. After a few minutes, we took to talking. It appeared Tia had developed a personality in the time she was also developing her amazing body. She was funny, thoughtful, and intelligent. I had no idea what she was still doing with that dummy Kevin Freeland when she could have any partner she wanted. I asked her.
“Haha,” she laughed at first. “You’re telling me he didn’t have one of the best cocks you’d ever seen and rippling muscles?” This was true. “We just keep each other around to fuck each other crazy. I sleep with whoever I feel like, as does he. Boys, girls, whatever, but I usually look for men with brains. You have no how many virginities I’ve taken from charming nerds with a blow job and some missionary up at Tabor Point. Most of ‘em can’t keep it up for more than a minute, so they blow their load in me or on me and I fake it. I’ve turned a few into outright studs that way too, practice makes perfect.”
She sighed and trailed off, then started again. “I love the feel of their semen all over me, it makes me feel like some feminine goddess, fucking men and taking their seed wherever I want it.” Tia closed her eyes and bit her lip, fondling her own huge tit as I imagined boys shooting a wad onto her heaving cleavage, white on brown, as it dripped down her cleft and she rubbed it into her skin, sighing. Or boys in the backseat of a car with their heads buried in her tits, helplessly blowing their load into her velvet folds as she moans and feels it seeping inside her. My imagination got my juices flowing again, but I let Tia return to Earth. “I take the pill religiously and I’ve never even had a scare. I’ve been sleeping around like this for three years, but I didn’t stop thinking of myself as a slut until recently. I came to terms with my sexuality, lost about 15 pounds, and never looked back.” As she finished her story she smiled, then began to disentangle herself from me.
I must have looked disappointed, because she felt the need to reassure me.
“Oh don’t worry, I’ll give you one more orgasm before I go. Now where was that dildo...” She found it and brought it up to her face, licking it. “Damn, all of you tastes good.” She eased it into my slit, twisting it and slowly bringing it in and out again. Then she withdrew it all the way. “How do you feel about anal?” she asked.
“I don’t know. I’ve never tried it,” I said honestly.
“Oh you’re in for a treat.” Tia gently prodded my other hole with the dildo. Still slick with my juice, it slid in easily but slowly, I felt some pain but more pleasure. I loved this, I would have to ask Tom to put it there sometime. When the dildo was all the way in. Tia put her mouth to my pussy and ate me out like no one had ever done before. Her rough tongue stroking my clit was pure sexual ecstasy, and I came in no time, the rod in my ass adding another dimension to a stellar orgasm of gushing and moaning. When I was done, Tia pulled out my toy and threw it to the floor. She crawled up next to me and kissed me once more on the lips. I could taste my sweet juice on her lips.
“We’ll do this again sometime,” she said, and waltzed out the door with her clothes in her hands. I just layed on the bed in bliss, sinking into a deep sleep.
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