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Let me share something about me. I worked for more than 10 years working in the gaming industry in Las Vegas. I was floorman, boxman, and pit boss during the time. I've been around almost every type of system player and casino game. It is easy to recognize the system players. They don't seem to have as much amusement as gamblers who play recreationally. They take their work seriously and are extremely meticulous about it. They may even attempt to disguise or hide their activities so the house doesn't catch on. This can be quite hilarious. It's funny because the house loves system gamers. Why? because there is no system which can defeat casino games. There are many ways to be successful and remain ahead of the game of casino. However, this isn't a system. It's more of an approach and discipline. Let's get there in a minute. Let me go over three games that appear to be most popular blackjack, craps and roulette.

Blackjack is the one casino game in which you can actually make decisions about your playing. This includes wagering and the actual game. You can decide whether to hit or stand, split or double down, etc... You have some control over what happens in the game. The benefit that dealers have in blackjack is that the player has the option to bust his hand (go beyond 21) first. The dealer is not required to play a hand when all players have busted their hands. That's a major benefit. The only blackjack system worth mentioning here is of course, card counting. Card counting allows the player to keep track of how many cards were dealt out and, more precisely, the number remaining cards in the deck. If there is a large number of tens in the deck, and there are fewer (maybe less than half of the deck) cards left and the deck is considered to be rich. This is advantageous to the player, especially when there is an abundance of aces left. The chances of obtaining a blackjack are increased when a deck is rich. It is also possible for the player to determine how many cards are left and decide to take the hand or not. This is a very effective method. This could give the player an advantage or at least bring the playing field to a level. In fact, it does! It is true! It's worth noting that the dealer's chances of being able to get a blackjack have been boosted. When I first discovered the art of counting cards, it was a thrill. This was the chance to earn serious cash. It made sense and in fact, in theory, it is the only system that gives you an edge. So, why aren't there many people in the market making money from blackjack by counting cards? It's quite simple. It's easy to recognize counters to cards. You see, any floorperson or pit boss also is able to keep track of cards (at at least, to some extent). They can also tell whether the deck is wealthy and if a player is increasing their bets in line with. Should a card counter be spotted, there are 3 things the house can do. It is better to avoid the situation and keep playing, and observe what transpires. They could also inform the player politely that they will not permit them to play at their casino. Yes, they have that right under the gaming commission's rules. They can also tell the dealer to deal with one or two hands and then shuffle. This will reduce any advantage a counter might have. This is how I dealt with counters when I was playing in the pits. I remember one time that I saw a young woman walk up to the game and she was very thoughtful and serious. Something instantly told me to watch her play. That's a lot of cover up! check this did watch the game she was playing and she was in fact the only player in the game. She increased her stake right away when the deck was rich. I laughed at the dealer and requested her to shake my deck. It was hilarious. The player actually yelled, "Hey!" I smiled, and then went off to instruct the dealer to deal two hands and shuffle. The player left with her money, and probably had the same fate wherever she went. Counting is a very under-rated skill. You can only win in the casino if you can manage your money.

Let's now talk briefly about the roulette systems. I'm not planning to dwell too long on it as it's uninspiring. there is no possible way to know where that little white ball will fall on a wheel of roulette. I've seen people rummaging over their notepads, writing down God knows what thinking they will be able to predict what they will hit the next. Think about it...the wheel doesn't spin at a constant speed. The dealer doesn't set the ball spinning using the exact same force or at the exact same spot every time. This is all random. The dealer will slowly take the ball off the wheel and give it a small push to keep it turning. This is the reason why the ball has a non-constant speed of rotation. And to think that the ball's position could be influenced by the preceding spin is a complete blunder. Let's consider, for instance the scenario where five hits twice in a row. What do you think the chances of 5 coming up on the very next spin will be? My dear friend, the odds are 37-1 for the 5 coming up again. It doesn't matter what happened on previous spins, the odds of any number hitting at any point are always 37-1. Most players aren't aware of this. You won't even be paid 37 - 1 if you do hit a number. You get paid 35 -1 ! You're already beat! Roulette is the only game with a chance of beating. It is possible to win the game but that is luck. The system cannot ensure a win. It is all complete random. It is as Einstein said, "The only way to beat a roulette game is to take the game away." Einstein is right. Don't ever give money to anyone who claims they are trying to sell you a roulette system. They are all scams, period!

We have already dealt with roulette and blackjack. Now, we must tackle craps. Now craps is a pretty complex game with numerous methods to bet on the game. I will not look into betting systems as that is not exactly the issue I'm trying to debunk here. I am concerned about the player who believes or tries to sell the notion that he is in control of the way dice roll. Such a player sets the dice in a specific manner, roll them in the same way, and then assert that they is able to control the way dice will fall. Do I really need to say more? A craps table measures 8-10 feet long, and has a hard surface beneath the felt layout. The dice bounce and rebound off of the surface at totally random angles and speeds. It's impossible to attain this kind of control in real life. It's not even possible for the top magicians in Vegas to achieve this. It's not something you've ever witnessed. No, of course not.

I'm going to say that the only valid method I've seen is one that minimizes losses and increases wins. This money management system demands a lot of discipline. The system can be used to play any game, not just poker. I have actually witnessed players employ this strategy and keep their heads up, every day. However, it's a financial management strategy, but not an actual method. I will write about that in my next post.
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