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Ideas for Creativity and Invention by Elon Musk Original post: Sun 4/18/2021 at 1:38 PM

"Invention Ideas For Permanent Income"  Invent Help by Elyosis isn't just another old patent idea you find in books and tutorials, this is a course created by Elyosis himself. In this course he shows how to create your own business using this simple method of creating income from something so simple as ideas. I have always hated the concept of ebooks, because they are way too easy for most people to understand and it's not like you have to do anything but read.

This is not an easy read either. At times it's hard to understand because he goes through the process step by step, but he makes it easy to understand. I felt a bit lost while reading it, and that could be due to the fact that it was almost 500 pages long. It could also be because some of the topics he goes into are a little off the wall, but I just felt that it was a bit disorganized and went a bit overboard in the parts that I didn't understand.

I think the main thing that disappointed me about this book is that he didn't go into as much detail as I would have liked in the patent writing process. Although there are certain ideas here, and he does go Invent Help into great detail about them, I feel as if he could have gone into greater detail on what should be done when you get your patent. Also, he could have explained more thoroughly how to determine if an idea is unique or not, and how to make sure it isn't already taken by someone else before you can patent it. Overall I'm just not a big fan of this book, and I think he could have gone into more depth about the patenting process, but for the most part this one stinks.

There are two main things I liked about this book, and these were the section on "How To Come Up With The Most Potentially Effective Marketing Idea", and "Market Strategy: Creating a Buzz". This book certainly had its moments regarding marketing ideas and invention strategies, however, these ideas were not necessarily unique or best. I think that some people will really take what he said about how people should just "come up with their own ideas" and use that as their basis for coming up with their own unique marketing strategy, and even inventions. However, many people won't be able to do that, and will need to look elsewhere.

Also, I think it would have been nice to have a section on Invent Help patenting process improvements. That's right, there's a whole chapter that talks about this. It's a good read, and he does make some good points, but it wouldn't hurt to have a chapter on improving on what the patent office is doing right now. Some of the things they are doing are pretty good, but there are still some loopholes. If more people would follow the rules and regulations then we'd see less legal problems, and fewer innovation ideas being patented and/or developed.

Overall, I thought this was a pretty good book on unique ideas and invention. The short book is easy to read, and it's easy to grasp the concept of "innovation". I think if you are going to invest your time in reading a book, it might as well be something you like. This isn't just another "here's my idea, do something with it!" It's a well-written, interesting read full of useful tips.

Overall, I believe that this book can help many people, as many people will want to steal or at least adapt the information presented. What I don't recommend, however, is for anyone to copy this book word-for-word and patent it. I say this because this book is clearly written by an inventor, and the ideas are unique. I don't think it's likely someone would be able to patent an idea they've "inscribed" into their brain. I also feel that learning about how others have created ideas before can help new inventors along the way.

Overall, I think this is a really interesting read, and a good read for people looking for a unique and creative way to start or grow a business. I agree with one of Musk's colleagues, Peter Kruger, who said that he likes to read "really boring books about how to run businesses...I prefer to read books about getting things done." I agree with him on that. This book is not one of those boring books, and anyone who enjoys creativity and invention should thoroughly enjoy and take advantage of the ideas presented. If you are struggling to come up with new ideas, I highly recommend you consider reading this book.

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Re: Ideas for Creativity and Invention by Elon Musk Posted: Thu 4/22/2021 at 3:28 PM, in reply to guest guest

درباره قبرس شمالی

قبرس شمالی توسط جامعه جهانی به عنوان سرزمین اشغالی جمهوری قبرس در نظر گرفته شده است. زبان رسمی ترکی است ، انگلیسی با توجه به تعداد قابل توجهی از مهاجران خارج از انگلیس و آلمان ، زبان دوم است که به طور گسترده ای صحبت می شود.

کشور قبرس شمالی در تقاطع اروپا ، آسیا و آفریقا واقع شده است ، نزدیکترین همسایگان ترکیه ، قبرس جنوبی ، لبنان ، یونان ، مصر ، اسرائیل و سوریه هستند.

تاریخ جزیره قبرس با در نظر گرفتن اختلافات سیاسی بین قسمتهای شمالی و جنوبی جزیره ، مقدم بر آن است. با این حال ، آب و هوای ایده آل و گرم تابستان ، جزیره قبرس را به یکی از پر بازدیدترین جزایر در سراسر جهان تبدیل کرده است.

بر خلاف قسمت یونانی قبرس که تحت تأثیر منفی بحران مالی یونان قرار گرفت ، قبرس شمالی گرفتار آن بحران نشد با توجه به اینکه نه تنها دولت متفاوتی دارد بلکه دارای یک سیستم کاملاً متفاوت مالی با لیره ترکیه است (Turk Lirasi، TL ) واحد پول رسمی بودن. تمام کارتهای اعتباری عمده مانند ویزا ، اکسپرس و کارت Master و سایر ارزهای مانند دلار آمریکا و یورو به طور گسترده ای پذیرفته شده اند. ملت ترکیه با کمک مالی قابل توجهی به بودجه خود ، در حفظ اقتصاد قبرس شمالی نقشی اساسی دارد.

چه برای مطالعه و چه فقط یک سفر تابستانی ساده ، قبرس شمالی تعدادی سواحل آرام ، سایت های باستانی غنی ، قلعه های قرون وسطایی ، ویرانه های تاریخی و مناظر طبیعی شگفت انگیز را ارائه می دهد که همه دستورالعمل یک وقت سالم ، آرام و سرگرم کننده است.

این واقعیت که جزیره قبرس شمالی بیش از 300 روز از تابش آفتاب بی وقفه ، دریاهای آبی و شفاف برخوردار است ، زیبایی چشم انداز بکر و سواحل غیر شلوغ دلیل این است که یکی از مقصد های مورد علاقه شهروندان بازنشسته خارجی از هلند ، انگلیس ، یونان ، روسیه و آلمان.

سالیانه تعداد بسیار زیادی دانشجو برای تحصیل در این کشور اقدام میکنند. در کشور ایران، موسسه حقوقی دادمهر عدالت کارهای پذیرش تحصیل در قبرس شمالی را انجام میدهد.

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