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I wanted to share everything I’ve learned from my home landscaping and help others in zone 7. It can be tough if you don’t know which type of plants are hardy enough for the area. Ferns can actually help you continue this prehistoric look in your zone 7 garden. They don’t need a lot of maintenance either and can actually spread very easily throughout your yard.
  • Avoid only dark, rich colors because they will look harsh against white.
  • It was designed to have minimal impact on its stunning surroundings.
  • Fort Lauderdale, St. Louis or in Levittown, you can throw plants and other landscape materials directly into a dumpster rental, instead of trying to bag up everything.
  • Layer them with candlelight to make your outdoor oasis really shine.
  • If you don't have space for a full-blown rooftop garden, your balcony is a great alternative.
  • This magnificent plant requires indirect sunlight and water once a week, depending on the levels of moisture in its location.
  • Like all houseplants, they need to be hardened off in the shade and acclimatized to the new conditions gradually, as you’ll see below.

You can add some privacy to your backyard oasis by growing bamboo or installing bamboo fencing. This will make your tropical backyard a more intimate setting for savoring solitude or enjoying a laid-back evening with friends. Bamboo fencing is available in convenient rolls and can add natural beauty to an existing fence or surface. You’ll need a cozy seating area to enjoy your tropical paradise fully. You might hang a hammock between two trees for napping or relaxing with a good book.

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Other housing considerations include domestic water supply so on the slide below top right, I have included an appropriate technology that I saw quite a bit in India which was using a windmill to power a water pump. This would lift groundwater again to an elevated tank where it could be gravity fed when needed and rely on biological resources to meet needs. The picture below is another structure from the farm I worked at in Costa Rica that served as a guest house. It was called the bamboo house as the interior walls were made of bamboo.

It is no wonder that outdoor furnishings made from the material were a big hit on the French Riviera during the 1940s. John Kraemer & SonsHome features and decorative accessories made of concrete are a significant trend in home decor. Here, a chic accent table made of concrete adds a little grit to a modestly sized balcony by John Kraemer & Sons, a custom home building company based in Edina, Minnesota. Look at the chic wicker and teak club chairs, both of which are an elegant touch that elevates the space. Linear ConceptsAn attractive privacy screen encases this stylish small balcony by Linear Concepts, an architecture and interior design firm based in Delhi, India.

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Butterflies love bright tropical colors like yellow, orange and pink. We find a repeat of the patterned tile in the hallway courtyard, this time covering a set of steps that are separate from the main staircase. The adjoining step is formed as part of the concrete planter that holds the indoor tree. The tree helps make the small home interior feel larger and airy, and links the two floors of the house.
Make a Tropical Apartment Outdoor Design
This Nantucket cottage proves bold colors can bring a fun, playful mood to a beach house. To recreate the look, all you need is bright Adirondack chairs. Give your home a beach house vibe with these easy, breezy decorating ideas. This is a charming wooden home given a Tropical-style landscape to complement its beige exterior walls.

What Is Interior Landscaping?

To liven things up, combine colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. A blue house paired with orange flowers, for example, provides maximum contrast. Each tropical inspired outdoor spaces villa, surrounded by a swimming pool, soft sand beach and lush vegetation is an inspiring place to visit or steal the ideas and recreate the chic atmosphere at home.

Soon after I moved into my 100-year-old home, I decided to have its brown-and-white exterior painted. In considering my color options, I looked to my preferences and to colors that would suit the venerable style of the architecture. Equally important was my decision to coordinate the palette of my garden and house for an artful appearance and cohesive design. These tropical plants are a real eye-catcher due to their beautiful, majestic leaves. They are referred to as “the tree that grows up to the heavens,” thereby, inviting you to live up to your maximum potential and take risks.

If you want to know more, head over to my post about hardy palm trees for zone 7. Palm trees are technically anything in the Arecaceae family, which includes climbing trees, shrubs, or trees. They do flower from time to time, but these hardy trees do a fantastic job of giving a bright green glow to your yard. ​Palm trees are often associated with tropical islands, but they can play an important part in your zone 7 landscaping design. ​Fig trees are notoriously low maintenance and are perfect for a zone 7 garden that you don’t have loads of time to maintain.
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There are various tropical trees and shrubberies with some taller than the house and some accenting the concrete walkways on the side. Accents that reference ocean life are a natural part of tropical style, but Kah prefers less expected finds, such as a barnacle cluster on a cocktail table or shell-encrusted votives on a bar cart. No need to pack a bag—these pretty looks bring tropical motifs right to your home.

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Opt for architectural bones that accentuate adjacent outdoor living space. Kathleen McCormick chose grand floor-to-ceiling steel-and-glass doors in her home office, which leads to a minimalist balcony, to make it feel like she's working outside while at her desk inside. If your balcony has enough space, carve out two separate areas to double the functionality. This spacious L-shaped balcony designed by Keesha Franklin of Halden Interiors features a separate lounge and eating area for both an outdoor living room and dining room that overlook the cityscape.

What is the difference between porch veranda and balcony?

Some of us have balconies, others decks, porches, patios, or verandas. ... In fact, they play the role of a ground floor balcony, such that surrounds the house and gives access both to the doorway and the back door of the house. While verandas are mostly an opened area and can be used for all sorts of outdoor activities.

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