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10 soldiers-part 2 Original post: Tue 12/7/2021 at 7:53 PM
Naomi lifted her hips screaming "ooooohhhhhh yes!" Marina then put a finger into Naomi's pussy fucking her sister with it. "yes you like that don't you whore? you are a little slut aren't you?" the soldier asked Naomi as her mother sucked his cock. "yes i like it" Naomi wailed as she began to feel her first orgasm take hold of her.Marina inserted a finger into Naomi's asshole as well. fucking both holes hard and fast as she could, sucking her sister's clit, feeling her cunt muscles tighten around her fingers, tasting her cream. Naomi grinding her pussy agianst Marina's toungue, helping to take herself over the edge..."yes sister, don't stop! oooooooohhhhhh yes! i'm going to cum! yes yes yes yes!" Marina sucked and licked and lapped up her sister's stream of cum not stopping until Naomi quieted her sqealing and all there was was her heaving little body on the floor. Marina crawled up beside her sister and laid her head on her breast and held her. the soldier got up and walked over to them. he picked up Naomi's legs and drug her back to her other sister. "and your name?" he asked the third sister.


She looked up at him with her fiery red hair and big grey eyes, her small, young breasts heaving with her breathing. the soldier could see the fear in her innocent eyes. "well girl?" she bowed her head and murmered "Ariana". "well, come with me Ariana". he demanded. when she curled up in a ball and cowered from him, he pulled her to her feet by her hair. pulling her behind him as he walked toward Marina. as he let go of Ariana, he barked "get on your knees bitch!" at Marina. when Marina had done what she was told the soldier pushed her down onto her elbows and instructed Ariana to get on her knees. she did as she was told. he then told her "lick her asshole." Ariana just looked up at him as tears started to slide down her face. enraged at her rejection of his command, he grabbed her head and pushed her face into Marina's ass. forcing Ariana to lick her sister's tight little puckered asshole. "ooohhh" Marina let out a little sigh of pleasure. she immeadiately covered her mouth and turned red with shame as she looked at her father watching them do these sinful things to eachother. she looked over at Naomi who was being consoled and petted by her mother which had managed to slip away from all the hard dicks that had demanded her mouth's attention a short time ago. would her family make it through this, she wondered. all thoughts vanished from her mind as she felt Ariana's soft, slick. little tounge slide into her asshole. in and out in and out, fucking it, rubbing it. oh yes that felt so good. Ariana slid her tounge out and the soldier walked over and spread Marina's cheeks wide, " let me hold her ass apart for you while you lap her ass juices up." Ariana started running her tounge in circles around it then fucking it back and forth. "play with her cunt too" the soldier demanded. Ariana rubbed Marina's cunt with her fingers. finding her clit and gently massaging it. "mmmmm yes" marina moaned agianst her will. " yes you like that don't you slut? all these men watching your sister fuck your ass with her toungue? does it make you hot you nasty little slut?" the soldier taunted Marina as waves of pleasure like she had never felt before began to overcome her. he smacked her ass hard, leaving a red print. "answer me whore!" he demanded. "yes!" Marina told him.he smacked her ass agian, " yes WHAT?" he demanded. "yes sir!" Marina screamed in pain and pleasure at once. "tell your sister you like it" he said. "Ariana, i like the way you fuck my ass with your toungue." Marina panted out. loving the things she was feeling. she started to grind her hot wet pussy agianst her sister's hand and backing her ass up to her face. "yes,yes, ariana" she moaned. just as she was about to have her first orgasm the soldier stopped spanking her ass and told her to lie on the floor. he called to Naomi who reluctantly came as she was commanded. " i want you to make love to your sister's pussy with your mouth as she did for you." he told her. Naomi got down on her knees then stretched out flat on her stomach. Marina's wet, almost hairless pussy in her face. the soldier stood admiring her toned milky body. her legs amazingly long for her age. "now," he spoke to Ariana, "sit on your sister's face. i would like to watch all of you dirty whores pleasure eachother." he looked to their mother, " go suck your husband's cock while he watches his daughters fuck. i would assume his cock is hard as mine and could use some attention." she approached her husband and got to her knees. she rubbed his already massive errection through his pants. the soldier, growing impatient screamed at her, "SUCK IT NOW BITCH!" she slid his pants down and took his huge hard cock in her mouth, sucking the head and licking all the way up and down his long shaft. "mmmmmmmm" her husband moaned as she took in his entire erection. he opened his eyes seeing his daughters fucking eachother. Naomi lapping at Marina's sweet cunt as she sucked and loved Ariana's pussy with her tongue. the sound of his daughters' moaning with the loud sucking and slurping of his wife on his cock, as he felt her gagging on it was almost too much for him. he looked down at his wife as his cock disapeard into her mouth and wanted to push her head down on it. if only his hands weren't tied.... as he felt the head of his dick tickling the back of her throat he felt the first wave of his orgasm approaching. " oh yes, baby don't stop." his wife pumped his cock harder and faster with her mouth. " yes, yes, suck it!" she shoved it down her thrat ramming it in as far as it would go. tasting his precum. her cum dripping off her pussy. " AAHHH, AAAHHH, AAAhh" her husband yelled as he shot his load all down her throat and in her mouth. she lapped his cum of his prick until he was clean. sucking it off his balls. " now come here bitch and suck your daughter Marina's tits." Marina let out a quick gasp when she felt her mother's tongue caress one of her nipples. her mother then straddled her so she could get access to both of Marina's breasts, with her ass in Naomi's face. she sucked one of Marina's nipples into her mouth while caressing and pinching the other. Marina who was extremely close to losing her mind with passion, went wild in Ariana's cunt. spreading her lips wide, exposing her clit. Marina rolled Ariana's clit between her teeth. Ariana rose up and arched her back" yes sister, more. please" she pleaded. marina rolled it agian then suckled it. she put her finger into Ariana's wet pussy hole and slowly fucked it as she licked from her hole all the way up to her clit. burrying her face in Arian's hot creamy cunt. Ariana closed her eyes, letting the waves of pleasure take her over as she rode her sister's slick wet tongue, grinding her cunt agianst Marina's face. " oh yes, it's so good." when she opened her eyes there was a second soldier standing in front of her. he was short and and overweight and looked like he hadn't had a bath in months. "you like fucking your sister's face whore? let's see how you like to have your face fuck! ha ha ! OPEN YOUR MOUTH WHORE!" he yelled. as Ariana opened her mouth to protest he shoved it in, grabbing her by the head and forcing her young inexperienced mouth up and down on his cock. ramming his 7 inches down her throat agian and agian as he used his other hand to squeeze her nipples hard enough for her to moan around his cock in protest. " shut up bitch and clean my cock. i am going to cum all over your face." Ariana tried to suck as hard and fast as she could, wanting it to be overwith so she could be done with him and enjoy her pleasure with her sister once agian. a third soldier approached the group. he stood stroking himself and watching for a momment. his focus was mostly on Naomi. her youthful body made him lust for her. he knelt on the ground next to her, spreading her legs widely apart. Naomi turned back to look at him in shock and horror. when she saw him the horror faded. he was very attractive and she actually felt a wanting for him. she spread her legs a little wider for him so he could slide his finger up and down her wet and hot slit. oh that felt so good. as she sucked licked and tongue fucked Marina's soaked mound the soldier lifted her up on her knees, spread her legs and ass wide and proceeded to lick her from her clit to her asshole. he continue to fuck her ass with his finger and eat her pussy until she came for him. "now that you are ready for me i am going to fuck you." he told her. he put his cock on her hole and let it rest there. Naomi could feel it throbbing agianst her pussy. she wanted it. she was so ashamed of herself. she couldn't help it though. something inside her was screaming "YES FUCK ME!" the soldier behind her slid his shaft halfway in when she screamed in pain. he waited for her screams to subside then thrust himself quickly and smoothly into her deep wet tunnel the rest of the way. Naomi screamed agian, her little body heaving in breathless pain. the soldier waited for her pain to subside, then started to move slowly. giving her little pussy time to adjust to his huge cock. he didn't want to hurt the girl, just relieve this constant errection he had since leaving for the war. as the soldier started moving more and more Naomi relized that this didn't hurt anymore. the feel of his prick running in and out of her hole was actually very nice. a little moan escaped her. " i see you like my cock." the soldier said to her. "you're so tight." Naomi turned her attention back to Marina. running her tongue in and out of her pussy tasting her cream while her soldier fucked the shit out of her. " lick your mother's pussy too" he instructed Naomi as he slid a finger wet with Naomi's cum into her mother's asshole. their mother let out a loud moan " ooohhhh yyyyeeess" the soldier fucking Naomi's sweet little pussy said " yes, your husband doesn't do that for you huh?" he finger fucked her asshole harder and faster as little Naomi ate her mother's and Marina's pussies. the room was filled with moans, wimpers, grunts, and exclamaitions of pleasure. Ariana had almost accomplished her goal of sucking her soldier off. he was grunting and mumbling at her, calling her names. her cunt was throbbing around Marina's tongue. it wouldn't long until she came she whined and wimpered around the cock in her mouth, the soldier pulled his cock out and shot his huge messy load all over her face and tits. Ariana thought it was wonderful. it was so hot and warm. and she made him do that! it drove her over the edge. she started to buck wildly on Marina's face. the sounds of Marina's moans smothered by her cunt driving her further. Marina was hanging on by a thread when Naomi lifted her legs and licked her asshole. working it over good. fucking it with her tongue. as Ariana's orgasm began to peak, Marina went with her. Marina's cum trickling down to her little puckered asshole and into Naomi's mouth. both sisters cumming together. with Marina taken care of, Naomi returned her attention to her mom's pussy. sucking and fucking. licking and lapping as she was pounded from behind. Naomi drove her mother to orgasm getting hotter herself by the minute. as their mom's wails of pleasure shattered the room, Naomi started to moan with pleasure. the soldier pumping her pussy hard and fast never slowing down. " YES YES! DON'T STOP FUCKING MMMEEEE! I'M GONNA CCCCCUUUUUMMMM!" as she lost herself in her orgasm the soldier pulled out and shot stream after stream of his hot cum all over her smooth back. the soldier collapsed on top of Naomi. his cock still inside her swollen, throbbing, cum drenched, cunt.

Marina was coming back to her senses. feeling the soreness in her private area. she looked around and noticed the rest of the soldiers. most stroking themseves and leering greedily at her and her mom and sisters. she realized that their night here was far from over.

7 more soldiers to go if this one gets good ratings!
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