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How to Get a Virtual Number  Original post: Fri 12/24/2021 at 11:36 PM

How to Get a Virtual Number 

Let’s face the fact. A virtual number is an essential tool if you want to reach global partners. If you are an entrepreneur and want to gain trust and image presence in the international market, then consider a virtual phone number as a necessity.

Virtual number

But how to get a virtual phone number? This question would seem to be easy to answer. However, consider a few essential things before you acquire one for yourself. Let’s discuss them.

What is a Virtual Phone Number?

A virtual phone number is a local number that is used for receiving and sending text messages. You can also receive voice messages using this type of number even in the absence of a physical telephone line.

Virtual phone numbers, also called DIDs or Direct Inward Dialing numbers are normally used to forward calls to your other number. That number could be a mobile, landline, or VoIP. And because of the forwarding feature, a virtual phone number has, you can receive SMS and calls from other countries even if you don’t have to buy a physical phone line or SIM card from that territory. 

Why Should You Use a Virtual Phone Number?

First and foremost, international calls are very affordable and within your budget. Since it is not associated physically with any area, you can set it to other area codes, making it possible for your prospects and clients to call you without being charged for long-distance calls. Thus, providing other people with a local number in which they can call or send text messages. As a sort of example, you can buy a virtual number in Australia and set up call forwarding to your mobile phone in New York. So as you see, your prospects from Australia can call you without the expensive long-distance call charges.

Virtual phone number

It is a tremendous reason for you to have a virtual phone number especially if your enterprise has just been recently started up. If you have a virtual number, SMS and calls are now easy to receive since clients can call or text you locally. As a result, you can establish a business presence worldwide if you want to without having to set up a physical office.

What are the Types of Virtual Numbers?

Hottelecom, the leading VoIP service provider has a wide array of virtual numbers to choose from. You can make your choice from any of the following valuable services: 

  • SMS Phone Numbers – Hottelecom’s virtual number for SMS would definitely provide you a large audience or prospects that would eventually be turned into customers. You have the option to send those messages to another phone number, or if you prefer, you can redirect those texts to your email.

  • Toll-Free Numbers – Another remarkable and efficient phone service by Hottelecom, toll-free numbers allow your callers to get in touch with you free of charge merely by calling number 800.

  • Second Phone Numbers – A second phone number is another type of virtual number that allows you to separate your private number from the business one. In such a way, you don’t have to get confused and answer the calls accordingly. It is a good thing to keep a second phone number that is exclusively for business use only.

  • Mobile Phone Number – Mobile phone numbers are not attached to a physical phone device since they are cloud-based. Usually, mobile telephone numbers are integrated with a SIM card or the more traditional way such as telephone lines to receive and make calls. However, with a mobile phone number, you can make and receive calls without the use of a physical telephone landline. Your computer or mobile device is enough to perform those tasks.

  • Landline Phone Numbers - Don’t get confused, but it is just another term for a local phone number. It starts with an area code that is exclusive for a certain region. It is very helpful if you want to build and gain trust from different cities across the world. The best thing here is that you can forward all the calls being made to those local numbers to any device of your choice. It is a good choice if you want to establish a solid business presence in different countries.

How to Get a Virtual Phone Number through Hottelecom?

Obtaining a virtual number nowadays doesn’t require any difficulties. There are many telephony service providers where you can easily get one. But since communication is a very crucial part of any business, you should depend on a reliable VoIP service provider where you can count on any time of the day.

Virtual phone number through Hottelecom

Hottelecom is a great choice since it offers a variety of best quality services. Getting a virtual number from Hottelecom is so easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. First, sign up and open an account with Hottelecom. Or you can merely go here: Once done, choose the desired number of the country.

  2. Buy a virtual number, receive SMS for verification.

  3. You can now start using your virtual phone number to receive and make calls.

There are many benefits that you can get with a virtual phone number. But the most significant advantage is the fact that it is super flexible in terms of budget and ease of access. A person doesn’t need to be a techie to handle and use a virtual number. Hottelecom provides easy-to-follow steps so everyone can enjoy the benefits of a virtual phone number.

Why Most Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Chose Hottelecom?

There are various reasons why Hottelecom is the favorite choice of many individuals, entrepreneurs, and SMEs alike when it comes to VoIP services. Aside from giving the best quality services, the following are few of the advantages:

  • Protection for your sensitive data and information.

  • Customer-friendly support is just around whenever you need it.

  • More than 100 payment methods including cryptocurrency payments.

  • High-quality connectivity allows you to have a stable and quality connection.

  • Hottelecom offers virtual numbers in more than 100 countries around the world.

Regardless of the kind of business you have, a virtual number can save you a lot of time and money in your pocket. If you are still relying on traditional ways of communication, now is the time to shift in cloud-based communication technology. There is no need for you to worry about the technicalities of VoIP or cloud-based phone system. There are only simple steps to follow to activate your desired service number.

Final Words

Here at Hottelecom, all technicalities and burdens are our specialties. All you have to do is simply register and enjoy the benefits of virtual numbers. There is no need on your side to purchase any kind of hardware or special equipment in activating the virtual phone number of your choice.

If you think that you should bring your business one step forward and to a higher level, now is the time to get in touch with us. Let our Tech Specialists assist you in everything you wish to know about the virtual phone system. We would be glad to help you find out the best VoIP service for your kind of business.

Here at Hottelecom, your success is also our success!


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