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Overall warmth retention of lace dresses Original post: Sun 11/6/2022 at 1:20 AM

In winter, the overall warmth retention of lace dresses and denim jackets is not enough. In winter, it is better to choose sweaters with better warmth retention.Appropriate calf and ankle parts can be exposed, which has better decorative effect on the overall shape. It can be matched with a pair of simple high-heeled shoes with thin waist, which is very beautiful club dress. The sleeve should not be too long. It can be an eight part sleeve style. The part that can show the wrist should also be thinner. Slim. The square neck can well decorate the lines of the shoulder and neck, show the sexy collarbone, lengthen the neck lines, and look forward to the thin effect, and also full of retro style!

The high-grade silk white dress is designed with lace wide sleeves, and the drop collar design reveals sexy and charming collarbone, embellishing the petite face and delicate facial features. The high-grade silk dress matches with the belt, making the waist slim and graceful.

High grade silk dress with dark color top naturally looks mature and charming, while color jump matching looks energetic. The matching skill of purple high-grade silk dress lies in the shape belt.

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